didnt know where to put this so i guessed :)

  1. didnt know where to put this so i guessed :)

    when i go to sign in on the main anabolicminds page, it bumps me to the forum and i have to sign in again there......any reason for this?? it happened a little while ago and thought it was like a temporary problem, but it kept doin it........its no big deal, just curious

  2. Happens to me ever time!?!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!
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    gentleman your in luck,i just figured it out not to long ago!when the first screen appears,do not enter your screenname and password yet,go up and click on FORUM,then the second screen will appear,then you enter your info!..and WALA!..once instead of twice!
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  5. well i just wasnt sure if it was my computer or the site, as i stated above, its no big deal

  6. Yeah this is most likely a "feature" with vBulletin. It, among with many other forum software, require you to log into more than one section, or each section specifically.

  7. Why not just book mark the forum and have your browser save the account as logged in? Thats how i do it at work on my mac.. but thats the only time im logged into the site...

  8. i never thought of that lol, and i clear my history because if i dont my comp gets f*cked up for some reason.......

  9. It only happens to me when I sign on at school, not sure why.

  10. What browser do you use? I know firefox and safari have a way of choosing what it will erase so you don't hit the passwords...

    Allstar.. if it only happens at school then its prolly the way the schools comps are set up.. or if your using a laptop.. you got me..

  11. At home, I use a laptop with Mozilla and I can sign on just fine.

    But at school they are desktops with IE and it makes me sign in twice.

  12. Yeah... IE is retarded... I don't know where the feature to remember the sign in is cause i never use it... If they have them at school set up like that my guess is you don't want those comps to remember anyways. those admins might find the site.. and poof... no more AM

  13. yah i got a mini mac, with mozilla fire fox.......see the thing is when i first made a account i didnt think i would use it alot so i put the "never remember my password" thing in so my pesky girl friend wouldnt get on my profile, so it wont remember my password even if i check the box that says "save password"..... i dont know how to change it so i just gave up,

  14. Quote Originally Posted by just93 View Post
    yah i got a mini mac, with mozilla fire fox.......see the thing is when i first made a account i didnt think i would use it alot so i put the "never remember my password" thing in so my pesky girl friend wouldnt get on my profile, so it wont remember my password even if i check the box that says "save password"..... i dont know how to change it so i just gave up,

    Try an uninstall and reinstall of Mozilla, restart the computer, and install again. That should clean it up and just don't import any book marks..

    Dude.. mac mini??


    Of course thats only a suggestion from me... not positive it will work, and could be labor intensive... me.. im to lazy to go through with it. But its up to you.
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  15. yah mac mini, whats the emotion face for??do you think mac minis are bad??

    i personally like it, but hey to each is own

  16. Lol, i dislike Macs of all forms... But im a tech guy... I was just giving you **** dude lol no worries

    To each their own and such.

  17. I have a dell inspiron..is that a no no to?

  18. haha, nah as long as it works your good

    Macs are great for people that want a computer to work, and that they don't have to take care of all the time. Almost completely immune to viruses. They work and run great. I just think they are too simple.

    Dells, and pre built systems are fine, as long as you maintain them. 90% of the time the error is between the chair and the keyboard. y mom and my sis have inspirons and they have never failed.

    I prefer HP cause i like the warranty better. Or i build my own systems. In the end if you take care of the computer, it will take care of you. Just watch the emails and porn sites

  19. Yeah dude, my computer is done, its so slow now, I have so many viruses, and my battery won't hold a charge

  20. Battery i can understand.

    Windows or linux?

  21. I have Windows Vista

  22. Hmm... you can try a re-image of the computer's OS. your compy shoulda come with a Recovery disk. just make sure you back up all of your pics, and music and do a restore to original. Of course i would recommend someone who is familiar with computers to do it, or at least teach you if you don't know how. (Not bashing at all, just saying)

  23. Yeah, I might just bring it in to a tech shop, but they are so expensive, and they will just yell at me for the sites that messed my computer up. :/ lol

  24. HAHA nah, if they do you can talk to their manager about not being professional.

    Computer Techs are supposed to be ethical about NOT looking at customer data... Try going to a Circuit City to get FIREDOG, they have awesome tech support.

    Try Youporn.com next time very discreet. HAHA

  25. Haha thanks, I don't have a circuit city by me, but I could try the Geek Squad.

  26. Geek Squad is okay, but they can get a little stuck up sometimes... >.< trying to give me laptop RAM for my DESKTOP mother board...

  27. i hear bad stuff about windows vista.......never had any personal experience, my friend hates it though

  28. Anyone that needs computer help, PM me. As to the suggestion to image the vista computer, that is not a good idea because then he would have an infected image. He can use the easy transfer wizard that comes with vista, and just backup his documents and pictures. The use the recovery disk if he has one to restore the computer to how it came from the store, then use the easy transfer wizard again to put his documents and pictures back. Like I said, PM me if you want help.

  29. One more side note, a slow computer can be attributed a lot of things. Like cluttered hard drive, low memory, small page file, malware/spyware. There are a lot of free tools that can help. PM me, don't mind helping.

  30. How would the image on a Cd or dvd get infected?? if its not in the computer... A recovery disk wipes the hard drive to a previous state of the operating system. same as an Image.

    Thats pretty much what i told him to do... back up his data and start it over.

  31. My fault, I thought you said to make an image of his computer. My apologies for the mixup.

  32. haha no worries bro, i was confused to.


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