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  1. Geek Squad is okay, but they can get a little stuck up sometimes... >.< trying to give me laptop RAM for my DESKTOP mother board...

  2. i hear bad stuff about windows vista.......never had any personal experience, my friend hates it though

  3. Anyone that needs computer help, PM me. As to the suggestion to image the vista computer, that is not a good idea because then he would have an infected image. He can use the easy transfer wizard that comes with vista, and just backup his documents and pictures. The use the recovery disk if he has one to restore the computer to how it came from the store, then use the easy transfer wizard again to put his documents and pictures back. Like I said, PM me if you want help.

  4. One more side note, a slow computer can be attributed a lot of things. Like cluttered hard drive, low memory, small page file, malware/spyware. There are a lot of free tools that can help. PM me, don't mind helping.

  5. How would the image on a Cd or dvd get infected?? if its not in the computer... A recovery disk wipes the hard drive to a previous state of the operating system. same as an Image.

    Thats pretty much what i told him to do... back up his data and start it over.

  6. My fault, I thought you said to make an image of his computer. My apologies for the mixup.

  7. haha no worries bro, i was confused to.


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