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  1. shakesallday, you crusadin' stuffed animal havin' freak! oh shet, this ain't the anonymous section.

  2. I do love me some stuffed animals!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    anon section is entertaining and it keeps people in line.
    i actually think it has cut down on the riff-raff in the main forum because people know they would get called out in the anon forum.
    that's true. step out of line and get made the fuk fun of. hahah.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    You know better than all of us how funny that would be!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    I knew about that, hence why I like to copy/paste URLs into the address bar instead of click on them. I didn't know they had an actual name for it. Thanks for the clarification.
    Hey, BTW, I didn't mean to come off as abrasive as I may have.

    After you read some of the ridiculous stuff that people post over the years there really is not much to differentiate between the anonymous moron posters and the non-anonymous moron posters...

  6. Oh yes the lights on, now that would be a laugh wouldnt it.
    PHF Rep

  7. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    is that related to the reach around? if so, i think i've had one....


    ....I'm beginning to think this site is all about reach-arounds and anal probes..

    Personally I blame Omen

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    I say we flip on the lights! Now, that would be entertaining.
    That would sort the men out from the b1tches for sure.


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