I know this may sound a little stupid to some out there, but itís very easy to loose sight of where some others come from. The list of exercises connected to the tracker has all those sometimes confusing names next to them! I.e. is that the one, did I do that! Is it not possible, when we click the list to find something to have a little picture next too it!

Or to go even one better! Why not have this picture idea, plus a kind of code. So we can pick out and build our own work out sheet with this code i.e. (a13, b13 ) what ever. And the exercise name, print it off, take it to the gym, fill in the box next to code with reps and weight, come back call it up, and fill it in. done!!!

Just ideas! :squat: pic like this and the name was what I was thnking of! If poss!