Fitness competition?

  1. Fitness competition?

    Although this board is dominantly bodybuilding-orientated, it might be fun to bring in a fitness test. Some random, maybe once a month "challenge" that gives members a fun and interesting way to compete against each other (and in turn, push harder).

    For example, something like so:
    10 rounds for time:
    5 pullups
    10 pushups
    15 bodweight squats

    Best time wins. Of course there would be no sure-fire way to ensure integrity, but it could be a way for friends on to compete with each other. Weights could be used, but for obvious reasons, it would be incredibly tough to implement fairly.... beginners may not be able to jerk 135 overhead, or deadlift their bodyweight. But here's just another challenge off the top of my head:

    3 rounds for time:
    Bodyweight deadlift x 10 reps
    15 Burpees (aka 8-count-bodybuilders)
    20 Pylometric Box Jumps (or a standing high jump)

    The possibilities are virtually endless. If you don't understand where this logic is coming from, it's the basic form of workouts. I think it could bring a refreshing form of exercise to some, if the workout fits. Often enough, people fall victim to the deadbeat routine. Something like this could serve as a way to keep the ball rolling. challenge of the month? Any takers? For a CHALLENGE?

  2. i'm down. i've been training with a lot of these moves for the past few months. and i've gotten faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassst. someone challenge me.

  3. Sweet. This is where "workout out" turns into an athletic event, a true competition. Although direct challenges are good to go, what I meant to suggest was a monthly competition. Such as, start a thread, maybe with a poll for times or something of the like, for all members to compete and see where they are at in relation to the rest of the board in terms of fitness ability.

  4. Texas' and I set up a BBing contest. You have to do it yourself becasue when i soke with the owner of AM, they are not ready to set it up and deal with the responsibilities and things goign wrong, hes busy.

    The show is a little more to set up, but you could jsut open a thread in the Workout section and do what you need too.
    Just cant say AM supports it.

  5. Like the Crossfit games.
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  6. we have BB show going on hosted by myself and Mental Twitch?


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