Separate Steroid Forum In 2

  1. Separate Steroid Forum In 2

    -Designer PH/PS
    -Real Gear

  2. How about just a Pin/Oral split

  3. I think they said before that the legality of OTC products was changing too often for them to try a distinction between the two within the forum.

  4. If there was a vote, I would have to say no. So much changes so fast, and defining the lines can become a problem. What one person calls real gear may be what another person feels doesnt belong in that category. For example, real product from a pharmacy/doctor, vs. bathtub brews of underground test, paper products, satchels, real fakes, fake fakes, etc. Plus theres the whole precursor, active, analog, conversion arguments. Not worth it, just keep the one, it seems to have been working well for quite some time.
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  5. Unbreakable
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    This has been covered before. No. Sorry.
    All my life I've never stopped to worry 'bout a thing,
    Open up and shout it out, an' never try to sing,
    Wondering if I've done it wrong,
    Will this depression last for long, wont you tell me,
    Where have all the good times gone.



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