AlphaBulk/AlphaMass experience

  1. AlphaBulk/AlphaMass experience

    Wanted to give a quick review of my run with AB/AM. I started with just the AM for the first week, and then added in AB - both at 6 caps a day split morning/evening. Things started out really well - I actually gained 2 lbs within the first week or so. Had a little anxiety kick in a few days after adding in the AB, but that subsided within a week. It was right about that time - 2 weeks in - that the lethargy started creeping in.

    Actually, it more like bull-rushed its way in. This was my first run of a 1AD product, and I had read that lethargy was typical. But I wasn't expecting this - I had ZERO energy, ZERO motivation, and ZERO aggression during workouts. I would start my workout, do 2 sets, and quit. I'd tell myself to push through, but it's like I didn't even care. So, after a little over 3 weeks, I stopped the AM. Had to. I decided to continue the AB, and finish the last two weeks of the "cycle" using some leftover Epi and Hdrol I had.

    After another week or so, I was killing the weights. Hdrol has always made me strong as hell, but I think the AB must've primed my body somehow. I PR'd on bench - repped 225 for 12 (think I could've squeezed out another, but I didn't have a spotter). I felt like a king! After I ran out of AB, I kept on the epi/hdrol stack for another few days. But then that old familiar "darkness" I typically get on oral methyls started to set in, and I decided to end it there. I'm now one week into a clomid/endosurge turbo pct (first time using a serm). I definitely got suppressed some, but I'm already starting to feel like I'm bouncing back.

    So overall, the cycle turned out pretty well, even though I had to ditch the AM. Didn't put on much weight - ~4lbs total - but I've never felt so strong! Bottom line for me - I'll never run a 1AD product again. But I really liked the AB - I know for a fact it gave me an extra kick after I bridged into the hdrol/epi, and I'm pretty sure it would've kept some of the sides at bay had I not run out of it. I've run epi/hdrol plenty of times before, and never felt that godly while on them.

    In fact, I'll probably never run anything without AB again - liked it way better than the 4AD Chrome RDE product I tried last time.

  2. I'm surprised you had such severe lethargy . I ran the same stack and got real serious strength gains . Small bouts of lethargy but the gym time made it worth it .
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  3. Good review. Thanks for posting. The lethargy issue is so variable it seems. I can't figure out why.
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