SD/5-alpha/alpha bulk cut/recomp

  1. SD/5-alpha/alpha bulk cut/recomp

    I posted this in anabolics, but got no response:

    I am considering a new cycle wanted to get thoughts/advice, and help with diet.

    SD: 10/10/10/10/10/10
    5-alpha: 0/3/3/3/3/0/0/0
    Alpha Bulk: 0/0/0/0/0/8/8/8

    liv52: 3x3 daily


    weight: 180
    BF: 22.1%
    Calculated BMR: 1747
    Workout 7-10 times per week. So I used x1.5 to get to 2620 maint.- sound right?

    I'd like work an effective recomp, but not sure what to base my calories off of. I've never recomped with PH/AAS before not sure what to expect or what percentages to use. Any help? Also, the main uses for 5-alpha and alpha bulk are to fight lethargy, should i reverse alpha bulk and 5-alpha or are they good as is?

  2. reason and goal for 6 week half dose of SD is to keep the progress as much as possible...

  3. anyone for advice?

  4. I personally would not likely run the SD at only 10mg for that long.

    I am however, in PCT from a SD/5-Alpha Test run. Had great success. I only gained about 2lbs, maybe 3 at most. I leaned out quite nicely, and streangth went up nicely as well. In fact, it was a perfect success as to what my goals and expectations were. I rant he SD at 20mg for 4 wks and ran the 5-Alpha Test at 3 tabs/day for the 4 weeks. I had some minor lethargy towards the later half of the 4th week, but nothing bad. PCT is Clomid, Reboot, DAA, Mass HGH.

    You are at 22% at 180lbs? How tall are you? Honestly, I think at 22% it may be better to cut down via other means, or use a PH that is more commonly used for cutting/recomping over a longer period of time such as Epi, H-drol. If you are really so inclined to use a PH this way. As well, if you wanted to use a PH that is not methylated, that you could run for a long time Alpha Mass + 5-Alpha Test would actually be an awesome choice. You could run them out to 8 wks if you wanted. In the end, the PH is not what is going to cause you to lose BF, get cut, or recomp. It will be your diet.
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  5. I'm 5'9". I thought 22% was a bit high too, it was an InBody 230, and from what I hear pretty accurate, so I'm not sure.

    I ordered tudca to help out with liver support.

    I'm looking for feedback on the FRL products...would it be better to take the alphabulk on the tail end at 8-10 per day, or have it switch places with the 5-alpha? I'd hopefully like to use both of these (instead of buying another of one or the other) since they are already sitting on my shelf.

  6. I would probably run the bulk at 6/day and stretch it over 4 wks instead of 3. I would also prefer to end on the 5-Alpha rather than the bulk. So, I would probably...

    SD wks 1-6 (even though i would never run it at just 10mg myself)
    Alpha Bulk wks 1-4 @ 6/day
    5-Alpha Test wks 5-8 @ 3/day

    Like I mentioned before 5-Alpha basically kept my lethargy at bay and I was running 20mg.

    You could also stagger/over lap the bulk/5-alpha if you would like. It would still be my preference to end with 5-alpha rather than bulk.
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  7. Thanks, this is exactly the kind of information i'm looking for...appreciate it. Any other input...from you or anyone else?


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