AlphaMass and Bulk Top :-) 5-Alpha-Test ??

  1. AlphaMass and Bulk Top :-) 5-Alpha-Test ??

    I have just finished an four week cycle of Alpha-Mass and Alpha-Bulk.

    I am very happay with the results I have gained a total of 7.5 lbs. A part of it is water weight and a litte bit fat but no big deal.

    I have planed to cut down for next summer. My diet starts at the beginning of Mai.

    Can anybody of you tell me if 5-Alpha Test as a stand alone would be a good choice to add
    as a cutter or would it be good to combine it with Alpha-Bulk ?

    I don't want to hold water.

    Any opinions ?


    me when I was competing

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    Train hard but smart

  2. 5-Alpha Test and Alpha Mass would be great cutting stack. (AM=cut/lean gains) (AB=mass gains) Nice log bro..thanks for review
    Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  3. Thank you very much.
    Train hard but smart

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