Thoughts on alpha mass and alpha test

  1. Thoughts on alpha mass and alpha test

    I started a AM and AT stack last Sunday. Been dosing AM at 4 caps a day and AT at 3 caps a day.

    First day of dosing I did am and at 1hr before my leg workout and honestly had one of the best leg workouts in the last few months. I was able to add 10lbs to by squat and 30lbs to my leg press. I wrote it off as a placebo effect. But for the rest of my workouts I consistently dosed apha test 1hr preworkout and had great workouts each time. Was able to put up on avg 5-10lbs on the majority of my main lifts.

    Today was the start of my second week and again on my leg day was able to put 5lbs more on squat and 20lbs more on the leg press.

    You have to also understand that I am only eating 2000kcals a day (diet put together by Roise) and I weigh in at 218lbs currently.

    Been very happy with just alpha test so far. And will try to update once a week.

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  2. Forgot, and libido has also been up a lot since starting alpha test.

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  3. Yeah boy kill it
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