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    I didn't know you guys were raided. Just out of curiosity, what was the outcome of the raid? Are the DHEA isomers recognized by the FDA as dietary supplements, or do you think they're in the process of mounting an "attack" against them?
    Lots of money lost. It was related to the sale of sd, and dienelone ph's.
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    All those article really did was explain your hormone carrier, and to show that you propose that you get upto 70% bioavailability with it.
    What is your question?
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  3. Royd is a stand up guy. Frl products work plain and simple. And comparing stacked products to single ingredient products is dumb. It's like comparing spawn to havoc. I personally always prefer the single products because I like the freedom to stack and dose how I see fit.

    Keep doing your thing FRL.
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  4. FYI...Royd has more science knowledge then most on this forum. And if you get paid for your job to work, so why question him that? #EPICFAIL
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