Alpha Mass cycle

  1. Alpha Mass cycle

    Hello, I'm looking into an Alpha Mass cycle since this product seems so great (no liver toxicity, good gains that are easily kept,etc.) and I wanted to know if it's my first time running a ph or a product similar to these what I should expect and how I should dose it. I respond strongly to stimulants so I don't know if that matters, but I generally respond well to new compounds and I was thinking of dosing it a 6 caps a day. Would that be beneficial ?

    Stats :

    5'8 185 lbs bf %12.

    I want to cut a little and keep gaining mass so basically a recomp. Would that help me achieve my goal ?

    For PCT, I was thinking of using Reboot or some other OTC product. Would that suffice ? I don't want to get involved with ordering Nolva and some other stuff since it's illegal and would kind of ruin the point of buying a product that is legal in the first place to run with something illegal right ? I might as well buy the real gear. So I'm keeping it legal with a OTC product for PCT. Do I need a test booster ? If so recommend me one.

    Also, my family has had issues with high cholesterol and blood pressure in the past so should I worry about that even if I'm still pretty young ?

  2. Reboot contains daa which is a test booster. I would suggest starting at the 6 per day and pick up 2 bottles so you can get 8 weeks out of it and if you don't feel like the 6 caps a day is cutting it you could always up the dose and pick up another bottle for the rest of the cycle. I believe u will see some decent results at 6 caps for 8 weeks though. If you plan to start dabbling in the ph game though you will need to be more open
    minded to nolva/clomid as your health and recovery may rely quite heavily on the inclusion of these in ur pct.

  3. Yeah I understand, but I will stick with these kind of PH's and not go with the strong stuff such as SD. I mean these products by FRL are legal, so I don't want to go dabble with something illegal in terms of Nolva and Clomid. I want to stick with FRL's legal line, as it means a lot to mean to stay clean in the judiciary aspect in terms of my future career. If I wanted to get something illegal I would be running the real gear.

    Any reps can give me more insight on this ?

  4. You can actually acquire SERMs like Nolvadex and Clomid legally and quite easily. That said, I completely understand and respect your desire to stay away from harsher compounds and chemicals. I think an OTC PCT would be fine with ForeRunner's products, and their ReBoot looks especially good. Very comprehensive product. Let us know how it goes.

  5. Yeah alright, just like that, how would you guys compare M1D Black and Alpha Mass ?

  6. Never used m1d but there is definitely a good deal going on at nutra for forerunner labs stuff ATM lowest price I have seen on the alpha kit for sure.


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