Sd into alpha mass/bulk

  1. Sd into alpha mass/bulk

    Looking for dosing help? Want to run sd 20/20/20 but how should I run the alpha products ?

  2. How much bulk and mass do you have? 1 bottle of each?
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  3. I have one each but will pick up more if needed. Im thinking my cycle will look like this. 20/20/20 sd
    6/6/6/6/6/8/9 mass
    0/6/6/6/6/8/8/9 bulk
    40/20/20/10 Nolva
    And all the normal sups

  4. This thread is relevant to my interests. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with UD.

  5. id do dhea at least 8 weeks. but you seem to have it all planned out pretty well

  6. Looks like that's the plan will start sun 28th . Will post some ip dates if you guys r in

  7. Definitely in.

  8. are you already preloading your hawthorne?

  9. No, I've done two cycles of beastdrol and never had blood pressure problems. I take liv 52 for liver always because its cheap insurance for everything we take to build muscle .so that's good to go. And I have everything but I need two more bottles of alpha mass and bulk. I'll have those tomorrow there in stock at store by my house. Plus for some reason a don't get bad sides from sd. I'll keep you guys up to date . To start I'm 37 6'4. 216 . Looking to gain and keep 15lbs. I'm trying the alpha to help keep sd gains . Last two runs I've only keep 5 or 6 lbs maybe. And yes I've pct to the letter . Just don't seam to keep them . I eat 3500 cal now I'll move it to 4000 plus starting Monday. Sorry Sunday cheats day and can't miss it !

  10. Started today ill be doing 20 mg of sd and 6 caps of alpha mass for this week.will let you guys know its going. Tomorrow is chest and bi' s day . Can't wait . But love eating like a horse so far.

  11. So after first week of sd 20 mg and bulk I don't notice anything from the bulk but I m defiantly have the beast going . I'm up 5to 10 lbs on all lifts and feel alpha as hell . I love the alpha feeling you get that's like nothing else out there. You feel like you can do anything. I'll be on the scale Monday so ill check back with numbers but everything is tighter and lots bigger. So far it's ON!!!!

  12. in for the results, actually running a similar cycle but with sdmz 2.0 to alpha bulk/mass starting after week 2 which is Monday.. Can't wait to give these FRL products a go.

  13. Good run man..keep it going
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  14. Sorry guys had a death in the family this week so I'm running behind. But haven't missed any workouts . I'm up 14lbs and that's amazing in two weeks. All lifts r up and my body looks bad as hell. I've done sd before but it with the alpha is so far unreal !!! I'll have a better update next week when I go off sd and just the alpha products .

  15. I forgot to add how great I fell on. And that is all the alpha products because I know sd and the alpha is making it a easy cycle so far !

  16. Nice
    Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  17. First problem to report I'm having tons of joint pain from the sd. Don't get me wrong it's my on dame fault a didn't run the super crisis for 2 weeks before the sd only one. Let that be a lesson for all that I will suffer for. (No pain no gain). Tomorrow is chest day and weigh in ,I'll get back with a up date . this week I drop the sd and go all alpha line so let's see what this stuff can do!!!

  18. Cool man 1 more week of sdmz 2.0 for me before going strictly alpha! Hope ya get the joint issues taking care of.

  19. Are you dosing SD 20mg still and alpha mass or alpha bulk with it?

  20. Yes , sorry if it was moved over. It's 20/20/20 with the alpha products starting there order right with it. And the joint issues are going away. The bigger problem is now my crazy soon to be x wife is making me to much stress and my sleep sucks! And I'm now all alpha plus I'm trying assault in grape but getting bad night sweats ? Any idea if its one of these to? I take pre work first thing in morning and last alpha dose at noon so I think it's the stress for that fat a$$ ! But if anybody else ran across this let me know.the fist week of all alpha I didn't see a big increase in size this week but did get some ache and lifts are still going up . Like flat bench is up 40lbs and all dumbell s are up 15 to 20. So far even with crazy b$it h on my last nerve the best cycle I've ever done .

  21. As a side note I'm looking so nice and big I think fat a$$ knows somebody else is getting a lot of a$$$$$$$!!!!!! Thanks hard work and the cycle.


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