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  1. Mass/Bulk Cycle Log

    Alright guys here we go, do not get to excited as this will be an unprofessional log and I will do my best to keep up with it.

    I am starting this cycle towards the start of the last phase of Stoppani's Shortcut to Size Program which I am finding huge results from in the first place and am starting to plateau. Time to kick it up a notch with stength and size.

    My daily plan:

    Breakfast: 3 Mass , 3 Bulk
    Snack: OptiMen Multi , CL OxiOrange Fish Oil 2grams , Probiotics (I have a stubborn digestive system)
    Lunch: 3 Bulk , CLA 1.5grams , Green Tea Extract 2grams ,
    Snack: 4 SuperCycle , B5 Pantothenic Acid 1gram ,
    Dinnner: 3 Mass
    Desert: Protein Cheesecake!!
    Before Bed: Casein Shake and 6mg Melatonin

    Preworkout: Opti HydroWhey , Bowl of Watermelon , 1g Agmatine Sulfate , C4 or NoXplode (to break up monotony) , ConCrete HCL
    Post Workout: Opti HydroBuilder , Gummy Bears or Sweet Tarts for Insulin Spike!

    As of right now I am planning on a 6 week on cycle with Clomid/Reboot for 6 weeks PCT. The length or ending dosage of Bulk/Mass could change once I hear back from Royd with his opinion on something I asked him.

    Body Composition:
    As of the This morning I weighed in at 226 Lbs at 6' . I have made a HUGE transition in life and am looking to build myself back up. At the beginning of the year I was at my heaviest at 275. I had enough and decided to get it together. From January through the end of May I was all about cardio and losing weight and got down to 218. After going almost 12 years without lifting I decided to start hitting the gym . Although I have only packed on 8Lbs since then, alot of that was contributed to me trying to bulk and having a BAD diet. After changing it up I have actually lost a LB or two and made my "newbie" gains and am looking like a complete different person. Time to get SWOLE!

    My diet consists mainly of Whole Wheat Bread , Tuna , Chicken Breast , Whole Eggs , Greek Yogurt , and my daily cheat of Protein Cheesecake.
    Daily Consumption Plan : 3500 Calories - 1.5G Protein , 1.25G Carb , .5-.75G Fat
    Currently Lifting 6 of 7 Days with the 7th day being a Cardio for 1 Hour.

    So, covering just about everything here we go....

  2. Day 1: Compounds Compounds Compounds

    I started today STOKED about starting this cycle. Started my workout at home today about 5 hours after my first dose of Mass.
    No Preworkout or Creatine taken today.

    Squats: 135x10 , 185x8 , 205x8 , 255x8
    Deadlifts: 205x 8 , 255x8 , 300x8*
    Bent over Rows: 135x12 , 135x10 , 135x8**

    * Grip still sucks after 4th lift of 3rd set, I had to put the straps on.. Also ran out of plates or I would have went up in weight alittle more..
    ** All 3 sets were slow pace really focusing on the squeeze instead of the weight.

    Today was more of a Misc. day as it is not a part of the program I am running, but are such beneficial lifts. Felt PUMPED up and focused today, more than normal. It may have just been mental or maybe I took that Mass in quickly. I will say this, I normally am not a hungry person, but damn I feel like a BLACK HOLE today. It is non stop and I am eating and feeling hungry again an hour later. Just ate 45 minutes ago and looking foward to dinner and my second serving of Mass.. Hopefully this hunger helps produces Lean Mass and not Fat Mass.. LOL


    Felt ALOT stronger than normal (again this may be mental as this IS only day 1)
    No more Lethargic than I normally am
    Libido is still there
    Hunger Hunger Hunger..

  3. Day 2: Chest and Tri's and Calves- Rep Range 3-5 per set.

    Unfortunately, I go to a Planet Fitness, I know a crime. So my Dumbbell weights are limited.
    Flat BB Bench: 225x5 , 245x5 , 245x4 , 245x4 Dropset 175x12
    Incline DB Press: 60x5 , 60x5 , 60x5 Dropset 45x10
    Flat DB Flyes: 45x5 , 45x5 , 45x5
    Incline Cable Flyes: 7platesx5 , 7platesx5 , 7platesx5
    Decline BB Bench @2:2:4 tempo: 105x12 , 105x10 , 105x8

    Tricep Pressdown: 10platesx5 , 10platesx5 , 10platesx5
    DB Overhead Extension: 60x10 , 60x8 , 60x6
    Lying cable Overhead Extension: 11platesx8 , 12plates x 8 , 14platesx8 , 15platesx8 Dropset 7platesx15

    Standing Calf Raises - Smith Machine Squat Position: 205x20 , 205x25 , 205x30
    Seated Calf Raises: 45x15 , 90x15, 135x15 , 180x15 , 225x15 , 225x15 , 225x15 , 180x15 , 135x15 , 90x15 , 45x50! Feel the Burn!

    Coming into today I was curious about how I would do after feeling no soreness from yesterday, which is odd for me and deadlifts. Started out with a HUGE surprise. Previous 1RM on Flat bench was 235 two weeks ago .. I walked in today and was able to press 245 for reps.. Did not test for new 1RM, but will do this soon. Almost every exercise that I was able to go up in, I did with shock and awe from my gym buddies. I cannot wait to see what happens over the next few days!

  4. Well.. Unfortunately to report I am going to have to cut this log short. I have hit a HUGE issue and need to find a new job and do not have to means to continue this cycle. Only being a few days in I am stopping the cycle and dropping my food intake down drastically. Without getting into too many details I have been laid off with a severance package for a few months, but now that we have been sold to a liquidation company, I am losing everything. I have an unopened bottle of Alpha Bulk, Reboot, Supercycle, and a Bottle of Alpha mass that has only 3 days worth missing(18 caps) that I may be looking to sell off to anyone who could use them. I would love to keep them but can barely afford food at this point. If noone is interested I may keep them and restart this later if I can find something comparable pay wise. I currently am bringing home 1/8th of what my salary was, which is forcing me to completely change my lifestyle. Sorry FRL, but from the little changes I noticed in those 3 days, this product is definitely worth the money. Hit me up if anyone is interested in those bottles, would like to sell em as a whole an not a bottle here a bottle there..

  5. YEAH in for da follow
    Advanced Muscle Science/ForeRunner Labs (East Coast Sales Manager)
    "The Strongest On The Market"

  6. I'm subbed for this. Good luck, brother!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  7. Alright guys, I happened to get some **** figured out, so I am starting this back up. Today was the first day of week 1.

    The last week I have been pounding out cardio and trying to tone up alittle while I got my bills in order.

    Chest / Tris:
    Today was rough as I was in a 9-11 rep range after taking it easy on my lifting.
    Flat BB Bench: 175x11 , 175x11 , 175x10 , 175x10 Dropset 105x8
    Incline Reverse Grip DB Press: 35x11 , 35x11 , 35x11 Dropset 30x12
    Incline DB Flyes: 30x11 , 30x11 , 30x11

    Tricep Pressdown (straight bar): 40x15 , 60x10 , 80x6 , 80x6 , 60x10 , 40x20
    One arm French Press: 20x30 , 20x20 , 20x10
    Seated Overhead Tricep Extension: 40x12 , 50x12 , 60x12
    Close Grip Bench Press: 95x8 , 95x7 , 95x6 , 95x5
    Bench Dips: 10x3sets

    Cable Crossover Ladder to finish this day off: 11Rungs @ 20Lbs to failure

    That ladder is one HELL of a pump, if you are lost on what that is, google "Jim Stoppani Crossover Ladder"

    So overall today I was highly disappointed with my weights but had that aggression back. I went late today so I had a full dose of Mass in me.
    The numbers will of course go up next week due to lower reps, but it should make a considerable jump by the time I get back around to it. Cannot wait to get deep into this cycle.

  8. Subb'd!! Good luck!!

  9. Back and Biceps:
    Assisted Pullups: 5 (My worst exercise)
    DB Bent over Rows: 60x9 , 60x9 , 60x9 , 60x9
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 100x11 , 100x10 , 100x9
    Straight Arm Pulldown: 90x11 , 90x11 , 90x11
    Low Cable Row: 100x11 , 100x11 , 100x11

    EZ Bar Curls: 60x11 , 60x11 , 60x11 , 60x11 Burn Set 50x8 , 40x8 , 30x10 , 20x15
    Incline DB Curls: 30x11 , 30x9 , 30x11
    Concent. Curls: 25x11 , 25x11 , 25x11
    Cross Body Hammer Curls: 35x11 , 35x11 , 35x10 Drop Set 10x15

    I was supposed to also do Abdominal stuff today.. Was not happening.. My arms were ready to EXPLODE. Plus I felt famished.. I wanted to EAT!
    No Lethargy yet, Libido still firing.

  10. Feeling these are underdosed despite whatever carrier they use, I'll be watching closely. Good luck, and do keep us updated on weight and size gains.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    Feeling these are underdosed despite whatever carrier they use, I'll be watching closely. Good luck, and do keep us updated on weight and size gains.
    For sure. I was having issue coming into starting this cycle again. Joint issue and everything from eating in a deficit. This is the only the 4th day of eating in surplus and I can already feel the difference. I was at 226lbs on monday.

  12. Although today was a "rest" day.. I felt there is no rest for the wicked.. So I figured I would go do some Deadlifts.

    Deads: 135x8 , 225x8 , 275x8 , 300x4
    Standing Lunges to stretch em out: 65x15 each side

    Felt good..

  13. This is for yesterday.. Unfortunately I am currently limited on weights of DB's at this gym, and plan on eventually making a move to another gym when money gets better.. Exile Fitness is down the road some and it has some major weights.

    Shoulders / Traps / Calves:

    Shoulder Press : 60x11 , 60x11 , 60x11 , 60x11 Rest/Pause 60x4
    Front Raises : 25x11 , 25x11 , 25x11 Dropset 20x10
    Lateral Raise : 25x11 , 25x11 , 25x11 Dropset 20x15
    Seated Bent over Rear Delt Raise: 25x11 , 25x11 , 25x11
    Smith Machine 1 arm Shrugs : 105x11 , 125x8 , 105x11
    DB Shrugs : 40x11 , 40x11 , 40x11 Aiming for Squeeze!
    Low Cable Delt Flyes : 30x10 , 20x11 , 20x11 , 20x11
    Smith Machine Overhead Press : 65x10 , 105x10 , 115x10
    SM Behind Head Overhead Press : 105x10 , 105x20

    45 Degree Calve Raises : 200x20 , 360x20 , 360x20 , 360x20
    Seated Raises : 45x15 , 90x15 , 135x15 , 180x15 , 225x10 , 180x10 , 135x10 , 90x10 , 45x50!

    Was a GOOD day in my book. Felt good, aches are starting to go away and the want to KILL is there during the lifts.
    Calves were BLASTED and were shaking for about 3 hours.

    All in all my strength is coming on!

  14. Today is my least favorite, like most guys, it is the dreaded leg day. I tend to get caught up in what my gym buddies are doing and they tend to skip alot of the leg stuff. I need to get a grip and just do it. Most of the day got skipped and we worked on other things.

    Squats : 105x10 *ASS TO GRASS* , 215x9 , 215x9 , 215x9
    45 Degree Press : 270x10 , 360x9 , 360x9 , 360x9

    Pullups : 3 , 10* , 5 *Assisted -80Lbs
    Dips : 10 , 10 , 10
    Flat Bench: 105x8 , 225x5 , 245x3 , 250x1 <-- NEW PR and 1RM
    Tricep Pushdown : 80x8 , 80x10 , 80x10
    Overhead Rope Pull : 60x10 , 60x10 , 60x10
    Close Grip Bench : 105x8 , 105x8
    Seated Overhead Extensions - EZBar : 40x10 , 50x10 , 60x10
    Supersetted EZBar Curls : 40x10 , 50x10 , 60x10
    DB Alternating Curls : 30x12 , 35x12 , 40x8
    DB Alternating Cross Body Hammer Curls : 30x8 , 40x8 , 50x8
    Preacher Curl Machine : 30x20 Just for the pump

    To finish this crazy day off I went and did a Crossover Ladder again. Jumped the weight to 30Lbs for 11 Rungs. Definitely was heavier towards the end of the ladder.

    I can feel myself getting Alpha when I lift. Vascularity is improving big time for me as I RARELY have veins showing since I am a higher BF. Libido is still going strong. Body heat has definitely risen, but blood pressure is still as good as ever. Had my First, "Damn dude what are you on? You were killing on those crossovers" comment today, sorta made me chuckle.

  15. These photos were taken Monday, First day of restarting the cycle. I am around 20%BF but have a wide/broad body that will fill out nicely. I am a little chunky in the midsection but plan on building higher LBM and filling out to look not so chunky.

    I plan on taking pictures Post Cycle and compare.. Hoping to net a good 10Lbs LBM from this cycle. Crossing my fingers.

  16. Today was an off day and I really took in the relaxation.. Having a possible issue with digestion and passing there of.. Feeling all sorts of backed up. Hoping its just a fluke. Starting week 2 tomorrow. Weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow but with this issue it might wait until monday morning..

  17. Sunday:
    My Digestion issues were clearing up so I decided to just do some light cardio, Walked for 30 minutes. Today started the first week of Bulk/Mass

    Monday :
    Feeling alot better now.

    Chest / Tris :
    Bench Press : 205x6 , 205x6 , 205x6 Dropset 105x8
    Incline DB Press : 45x8 , 50x8 , 55x8 Dropset 30x8
    Incline Flyes* : 45x8 , 45x8 , 45x8
    Crossovers : 50x8 , 50x8 , 50x8

    *I have minor shoulder and elbow pain during this exercise on the stretching part of this move. I still do it for the weight resistance that it offers where the crossover can't.

    Tricep Pushdown : 40x12 , 60x10 , 80x6 , 80x6 , 60x10 , 40x15
    1Hand DB French Press : 35x5 , 35x5 Felt a little heavy to keep proper form so I moved on.
    Seated EZBar Overhead Extension**: 40x10 , 50x10 , 60x10
    Overhead Rope Extensions : 70x8 , 70x8 , 70x8
    Close Grip Bench : 105x8 , 105x8 , 105x8

    ** Superset each set with EZ Barl Curls x 10

    Went for the burn again. Top This off with a crossover ladder @ 30 Lbs

    A Bit Lethargic, but nothing I cant handle.
    My Libido is weird right now, I'm not thinking about it as much lately BUT seem to be walking around pitching a tent more. Crazy right?
    Muscles are actually looking fuller and alittle harder.
    My weight has gone up from 226.2 to 229.6 over the first week for a 3.4Lbs gain. I am going to keep an eye on this as I may need to adjust my Macros, I just dont want to gain tooo much in my midsection.

  18. Yesterdays workout.

    Back and Bi's :
    6-8 Rep Range
    Bent over DB Row : 60x8 , 60x8 , 60x8 , 60x8
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown : 110x8 , 110x8 , 110x8
    Straight Arm Pulldown : 80x8 , 80x8 , 70x8 *Dropped weight due to struggling in second set
    Cable Row using Wide grip on Lat Bar: 110x8 , 120x8 , 130x10
    Smith Machine Bent Over Row : 155x12 , 195x8 , 195x8 , 245x4

    EZ Bar Curls : 60x8 , 60x8 , 60x8 , 60x10 Burn Set 50x8 40x8 30x8 20x8 What a damn BURN
    Incline DB Curls : 35x8 , 35x8 , 35x8
    Concentration Curls : 30x8 , 30x8 , 30x8
    Cross Body Hammer Curls : 45x8 , 45x8 , 45x8
    Preacher Curl Machine : 30x25 for the pump!

    Was a hell of a workout, and was turning heads with the aggression I was bringing to my sets. I can see the smaller changes that have happened with my body already. I can see the Fibers in my Delts shifting with movements and such, which is awesome for me still being alittle chunky. Hopefully my muscles keep filling out!

    Today I am going to a "bodybuilders" gym with a buddy of mine and I am going to test some of my DB and EZBar weights out. I do not know if you guys have heard of Exile in Baltimore, MD, but that is where I am going. The likes of Jose Raymond and Dana Lynn Bailey have worked out there before, so I cannot wait to see the hype.

  19. Well, I am home from Exile, and it is one hell of a Powerlifting gym. Everything free weight and isolation machines that use plates. A HUGE difference from what I am used to. Unfortunately some of my numbers took a hit going from a Smith machine to free weights. Actually, I did not take notes on my stuff today as we jumped around ALOT. I looked like a twerp in this gym, but the pride of my night was on the 45 degree leg press where I pressed 900x3 .. Felt good and could have hit 1000x1 but after about 6 sets of leg presses I didn't wanna test it. All in all it was a GREAT workout.

  20. I was alittle more organized yesterday, and actually took track of stuff.

    Hack Squats- Narrow stance : 90x10 , 180x12 , 270x10 , 360x10
    Hack Squats- Wide stance : 180x10
    Leg Extensions : 130x10 , 130x10 , 130x10
    Lying Leg Curls : 75x10 , 75x10 , 90x10

    Barbell Curls : 70x10 , 70x10 , 80x10 , 90x10 , 100x5
    Alt DB Curls : 35x10 , 40x10 , 40x10
    Incline DB Curls : 35x8 , 35x8 , 35x8
    Crossbody Hammer Curls : 50x8 , 50x8
    Rope Hammer Curls : 80x10 , 90x10 , 100x10
    Tricep Pushdown : 80x10 , 100x10 , 120x10 , 150x8

    Cable Machines felt lighter than my normal gym, BUT free weights had me pumped up.

  21. Took the last two days off since I had things going on.. but will be getting at it again tonight. Official two week weigh in was 232.6, which is a 3Lbs gain for week 2 and 6.4 Lbs total gain. Lethargy is getting to me abit, and Skin is super Oily but counteracting that with 1g of B5 daily.

  22. Sunday:

    So, I decided to meet up with my buddy again, and his workouts are so hectic I did not even try to take notes. The workout seem to be very productive although some of my strength increases have plateaued alittle.

    We hit up shoulders...

    Seated DB Shoulder press
    Front raises
    Lateral Raises
    Hammer Strength OverHeads

    Felt good to push the weight.. Sorta disappointed at the weight of my OH DB press as I was able to do 75Lbs before but really struggled with 80.

  23. Monday:

    Chest / Tris / Calves

    Flat Banch : 225x4 , 225x4 , 235x3 , 235x3 Dropset 105x15
    Incline DB Reverse Grip Press : 60x5 , 60x5
    Close Grip Bench : 105x6 , 105x6 , 105x6
    Tricep Pushdown : 40x15 , 60x10 , 80x5 , 100x2 , Rest , 100x2 , 80x5 , 60x10 , 40x15
    Overhead Rope Extensions : 80x6 , 80x6 , 80x6
    Smith Machine Calf Raises - Holding Bar : 155x15 Toes Straight , 155x20 Toes Out , 155x20 Toes In , 155x15 Toes Straight , 155x15 Toes Straight

    Wrapped it up with the burn of the Crossover Ladder @ 30Lbs for 11 Rungs.

    Definitely different benching heavy with no spotter.. Other than that I felt good. Facially Acne is acting up still but I am trying to get a grip on it. Veins are still not protruding yet but seem to be getting closer to the surface. That has been an interest of mine. Libido still kicking strong.

  24. Tuesday @ Exile:

    Back and Bi's

    Pull ups at shoulder width to failure : 5 , 5 , 5
    1 Arm Dumbbell Rows : 75x8 , 75x8 , 75x8 , 75x8 Dropset 35x10
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown : 120x12 , 140x12 , 140x12
    Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown : 120x12 , 140x12 , 150x10
    Straight Arm Pulldown : 60x12 , 60x12 , 60x12
    Bent Over BB Rows : 135x10 , 185x10 , 225x5
    Deadlifts : 135x10 , 235x8 , 315x3 , 405x1

    Straight Bar Curl : 70x12 , 70x12 , 70x12 , 70x12
    Incline DB Curl : 30x10 , 30x10 , 30x10

    *New Personal Best.. Super Stoked about it..

    Started to get late (1:30am) and I was up almost all day so I had to wrap it up. Wanted to do some more Bicep work, but felt The compounds I hit were enough to support them.

  25. Wednesday:

    Flat Bench : 185x8 , 185x8 , 185x8
    Incline Bench : 185x5 , 185x5 , 185x5
    HS Flat Press : 70x10 , 90x10 , 90x10
    HS Incline Press : 70x8 , 70x8 , 70x8

    Leg Extension : 140x12 , 140x12 , 140x12
    Lying Leg Curl : 90x12 , 90x12 , 90x12
    Standing Calf Raise : 300x12 , 360x12 , 400x10

    Gym was crazy busy today. I was not going to wait around all night to get in there for DB's.. Had to suck it up and lost that part of the workout.


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