Anyone Pass or Fail an Employment drug test?

  1. Anyone Pass or Fail an Employment drug test?

    Hes anyone that has taken an Alpha Mass/Alpha Bulk cycle taken an employment or pre employment drug test? I may have one of these coming up mid cycle and want to know my chances of passing this. I know it all depends on what is screened on the test, and all I can tell you is that it seems to be a standard piss test.

  2. If it's standard then you don't need to worry about it. A majority of employers don't test for steroids since it's more expensive.

  3. Thats what I am thinking, I just dont wanna start and then have an issue.. I am trying to contact my Union Rep to see if he can get an accurate description of what exactly is ran during the test.. our samples do not even get mailed out.. it goes into a shaker cup and has like a pH type test strip that turns color..

  4. I'm not aware of any fails Strickland.
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  5. Talked to my union VP today, which is a buddy of mine, and he is highly doubtful (99%) that they do not test for anything outside of your main drugs and prescriptions. So I should be good to go and starting this soon..

  6. I have taken a standard urinalysis on AMS 1ad, 4ad, and decavol with no issues. So I would say you would not for any of FRL products either. As long as its not a test for steroids. Which is not common practice for employment screenings.

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  7. Testing for specific steroids or metabolites is a completely separate set of tests. Your standard employment drug screen is only looking at a basic panel usually consisting of typical recreational drugs. Unless they specifically order them, it's not an issue; not to mention they're very expensive.


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