en on need answer fast about PCT please?????

  1. en on need answer fast about PCT please?????

    I been on alpha mass for 4 days at 6 caps a day and should I go to PCT? Im pussing out as I feel that Ive worked hard ad gained naturally and Im young, I wanna continue that route...lol...please bash me if u want, i just need help. thanks

  2. i have nolva n hand and DAA with erase....

  3. There's no way u could b shutdown this quick, so just stop it, u don't need to run a pct. Btw if your not ready mentally u shouldn't b running anything hormonally either tbh.

  4. If you want to stop after only 4 days you should be fine. I would still prolly run a natty test booster for a week maybe, but prolly not the SERM. Otherwise if you don't even want to do that much you should still be fine. After 4 days only it is highly unlikely you have begun to be shutdown yet.
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  5. thank you guys for all the words...YOU are rite tha im not ready mentally....il just run a natty stack formula X/anabeta/erase

  6. Sounds goods bro. Kill that sh*t.

  7. Out of curiosity, is it too late to continue cycle after missing a day?

  8. No it nbd, its still in your system.


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