New cycle Alpha Mass and PCT Fareston

  1. New cycle Alpha Mass and PCT Fareston

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    Hello guys, I recently got the Alpha Mass. This is the cycle that will follow next year (alpha mass, andriol). Including Fareston that I will use as a post cycle recovery. I wanted to know when it comes out the Alpha Hard, because I wanted to add it to the cycle. Andriol boxes can have as many as I want, even Fareston or otherwise. For the rest are always monitored by my doctor. So back to my question, does anyone know when the Alpha Hard will be on sale? thanks

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  3. Evil, I think Alpha Hard may be a little ways off till it comes out as I believe a few other products are likely slated to come out first. However, if as you stated you are looking to run that stack sometime next year things may actually line up well. It's just hard to predict as there isn't a set time for it yet. Definitely stay tuned as when it does it'll be announce here for sure.
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