Need to learn to balance better!

  1. Need to learn to balance better!

    So my friend talked me into going surfing for the first time the other day and it seems i'm not a very balanced person... Does anyone know of any exercises or equipment that i can use to help me with my balance at home??.. I need to show him that i can do it next time.. i will not be shown up again!

  2. You can do weighted walking lunges to help build your stabilizer joints. you can get one of those reebok stabilizer platforms and do all your dumbell exercises on it. It will help you develop better balance and strengthen stabilizers as well.

  3. You gotta work on your balance. bosu balls used to be the big thing for that. if you're looking to get into board sports you should check out the indoboard. Its pretty effin sweet.

  4. I wish my gym had classes with the indoboard. It really looks cool. Like a really good way to take your workout to the next level. I just made my roommate watch that video and he went right to and bought one. funny man!

  5. Buy a WiiFit!

    Seriously, those balance board games kick my ass...I never realized how bad my balance was until I bought a WiiFit.

  6. Foam rollers are great for balance. I make my clients do balance on the roller. Bosu balls are great as well.


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