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    ladies i need your expertise. i have a friend of mine that is looking for a fat burner to aid in her weight loss efforts. i made sure that she knows, diet and exercise are the best supplements out there. her diet is improving, it was good as far as what food she was eating, the timing was off a bit. she's about 42, 44 or so (I'm not asking) shes about 6' tall, and shes not heavy, shes not obese, shes a good size just looking to tone up a bit and maybe lose 10 lbs. or something like that. currently shes doing cardio, i have to ask how much and how often, I'm told she does not lift and doesn't want to lift, i will be telling her, that lifting light amounts along with cardio is the preferred way to do it, personally i think she believes that someone will suggest that she needs to lift for hours on end, where as i will be recommending 3 to 4 compound exercises 2 to 3 times a week. but i got off topic, fat burners, you women have different levels of hormones then us, which is why I'm asking (what might be a stupid question here) is there a particular fat burner that might work better for a women than say, a man? what have you used or are using that works for you? i do not want to recommend something that will make her jittery or nervous, just something light, again just to aid in her efforts. so i ask the beautiful, well respected, and knowledgeable women of this forum, and i thank you in advance.

  2. My wife (who competes if it matters), likes Lipodrene a bunch....BUT, if she wants something jitter free, you will never beat Amp from my buddy Pat at Ergopharm.....


  3. I've used DCP for a non-stim. Levi Reloaded which gave me a nice boost with no racing heart.

    I've used AMP as well but more for energy than fat loss. Its pretty much a matter of personal choice and how she feels on it.

  4. I use Lipotrophin A.M. and P.M. The P.M is taken before bed and is a non-stimulant. It can also be taken during the day. I have several clients that take it during the day because they can't use stimulants.

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