Female Thyroid Advice/Question.

  1. Female Thyroid Advice/Question.

    Currently a friend of mine has been going through some weight changes. She is a 29 year old female who had a child a couple years ago and the doctor said it was because of the child she is now having thyroid problems, which is called Hashimoto’s Disease. She is currently taking the drug "Armour" invloving the t3/t4 hormones.
    I've suggested some diet plans for her, but I need some female input on what type diet is the best for her.- to get some weight down. Any suppliments/etc that can also be suggested would be great.

    Thank you.

  2. I have never had much luck with prepping girls for shows using Armour....Its hard to control and is fairly mild.....T3 is much better, although I have seen plenty of rebounding here...Obviously this wouldnt be an issue for her, as it appears she is going to be on a script forever...just make sure her bloodwork is improving or have her ask to be put on cytomel instead. As an aside, there is documentation that suggest that many people have trouble responding to synthetic T4 if suppression is due to stress....I am not familiar with Hashimotos Disease, so Im not sure if thats appropriate in this case...


  3. What type of diet would work best for her?
    I assuming that a low cal diet wouldnt work for her, but more of a high protein/low crab type deal would be best.
    I also thought about putting her on a clean type 6 day a meal diet.

    Thank you!

  4. Virtually everyone will benefit from eating more often, and eating clean, so yeah, thats a given...As I said, Im not familiar with Hashimotos, so there could be something Im overlooking, but I would simply go with the 4-6 meal plan and have her eat clean and limit the junk....after she gets going, a calorie deficit should be fairly easy to obtain, especially if shes doing any cardio/weight training...


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