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    OK, so any females have any experience with running a low dosage HDrol - Turinabol cycle? Say 5mgs or so? Curious to see (being a very mild PH-->AAS) if little or no side effectts occurred. From what I've read that compound "should" cause zero to almost nill virilization in females...but that was a uncited pdf file on the internet lol.
    my partner has taken them over two weeks up to 25mg a day saw awesome results in muscle and fat loss no virilization even at 25mg no real sides either except some aggression!!!!! PCt was where we wernt sure, got some tests done afterwards and the docs prescribed her to a progesterone cream. So that might be the female pct my girl has since come good and wants to do another couple of weeks down the track. I would just keep the cycle short and if you have sides stop. She felt strength increases in first week alot faster than guys do on H-Drol and good muscle tone. Hope this helps anymore questions let me know i will help as much as i can. Oh and make sure you drink a **** load of water!

  2. sorry sonny will pm you shortly need one more post lol

  3. Just a bit of an update on this post my gf was at the docs a few weeks back and the talk of her fitness came up she told him about how she works out and supps that she takes and she did a short H-drol cycle he asked to bring in the bottle so he could research it. A week later she went back and he said although he does not condone it he does not see any problem with it as long as its done sensibly he recomended taking it the morning cause thats when the brain releases hormones in females. this doc was really cool and full of info even gonna help with info for pct. will keep updating as i find out more my gf is into week 2 on her 2nd cycle and again already seeing awesome results. shes going back to see the doc in a week for a check up so for any1 interested i will try and keep this updated.

  4. your gonna make me jealous that ur doctor is that cool haha

  5. Sweet. I'd like more info on this.

  6. ill keep an eyue on this! pls add ALOT of info! explain a detailed cycle set up and besgt pct, alot of femlaes ask me for advice on PH i want to attain more knowledge in female bodyes and ph
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  7. I seen this so id figured id post. I'm a Bikini Competitor and did a 8 week cycle of hdrol . I started at 10 mgs for the first week then 15mg the next continuing up by 5mg each week till I was up to 25 mg. It was cel stuff so it was 25 mg capsule, I would just open it up and kinda eyeball it which worked fine (it got much easier when i was at 25 mgs only had to take half morning half night lol). I went from 120 lbs to 130. I had some sensitivity down there but that wasn't bad and just made sex way more enjoyable during cycle. Everything went back to normal 2 weeks after cycle sensitivity wise.

    I started my second cycle last Wednesday. I figured last time I went in way to careful because i wanted to make sure i wasn't going to get sides and grow hair or my voice get all manly. Week one will be 15mgs going up by 5 mgs till i hit 25 mgs.

    My macros
    On days i workout P210 C 210 F 45
    Non workout days P210 C 170 F 45

    Training schedule is 5 days a week

    Mondays Leg day Strength low reps Abs
    Tuesdays Back Day
    Wednesday Legday Quad Dominant Hypertrophy, Abs
    Thursday Chest
    Saturday Leg day Posterior chain hypertophy, ABS
    Sunday Off

    I dont do cardio unless im 12weeks out from a competition.

    I won my last AMMY competition but I want my Pro card and these girls have some real legs on them so im using this whole year to develop my legs and midsection. I will compete April 2017

    Current Cycle
    Start 5/25/2016
    One week in and I can say starting at 15 mgs is where its at for me I can already feel it starting to work, where as last cycle I didnt feel anything till end of week 2. Felt like i wasted my time had 0 gains.

    Im up from 130 lbs to 132

    I will tell you guys out there dont let your girls be afraid of this compound. If they are not trying to gain some serious muscle like 10lbs like me id suggest 10 -15 mgs for 8 weeks. Its a great compound for a summer body. At this low of a dose even at 25 mgs i never once felt any lethargy nothing. I feel bad for guy cause they have to take so much of this amazing product. Ive done real var before and ill never touch that overpriced stuff again. This beats it hands down.

    If you want me to make a cycle log just let me know and ill log this one.

  8. Snail,
    Would you mind sharing (pm is fine) what brand you are using this run? Sounds like it was working better or maybe just more evenly mixed with the fillers giving you a better dose. My better half is interested in doing similar cycle.

  9. No problem ya im using the Steel Crushers. Ya these are not capsule they are a hard pill which is why I think they may be more potent. Plus i love that each pill is 5 mg so i dont have to guesstimate how much to take from each capsule like i was doing before.

    For her very first cycle id keep her at 5 mg for 2 weeks then bump to 10 to see her tolerance, if shes good there move up to 15 mg. Since its so low of a dosage I usually run 8 weeks. just every time you move up give it 2 weeks before you increase dosage.


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