Best Thermo for women?

  1. Best Thermo for women?

    My gf wants to use a thermo for her cut, but I'm not sure which to recommend to her. Any suggestions?

  2. I had my little sister (18yo) on Recreate for 2 weeks and she really likes it, I'm going to post up a mini-review soon. She just left on a caribbean cruise though, so it's in for a trial by fire lol. She takes 2 with breakfast and 1 around 2 or 3p\m.

  3. Stim or non-stim?
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  4. DCP/Levi combo..Low on the stim sides, no crashing or feeling tweaked out. No stomach discomfort and good solid fatloss.

  5. I've used several thermos. My favorites have been Redline, Ventilean both in liquid. Right now I'm using Lipotrophin a.m. and p.m. working great.


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