Imbalance in Figure Competitor Physique – Help!

  1. Imbalance in Figure Competitor Physique – Help!

    My wife’s body is naturally lean year round but her lower body is soft...NOT fat in any way. There is just an imbalance when it comes to her conditioning between upper and lower body. Even when dieting for competition, we’re unable to tighten up her lower body to match her upper body.
    Upper body parts are trained once a week and lower body is trained twice a week with different exercises between the 2 sessions.
    Incorporate walking lunges, deep squats, hack squats, leg press- various widths, leg extensions, various leg curls, high reps, moderate reps, drop sets, giant sets, etc.
    We keep cardio training VERY limited b/c she is naturally lean and we don’t want to lose any muscle size. Her diet is on track as far as F/C/P requirements. We just recently started tinkering with sodium intake. Which seems to have helped a little but the imbalance is still there.

    Any suggestions on how to tighten up the lower body with minimal impact on the upper body?

  2. I am an NPC judge, and I can tell you that almost all competitors have this same problem....Ive seen girls come in with peeled torsos and almost chunky lower bodys...its certainly not an easy thing to overcome....I have seen many figure girls turn to nolvadex (thanks to Dan Duchaine) to help shed lower body fat before a show. The problem with that is that you can actually create a chemically induced menopause in a female if you dont know what you're doing....


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