Need Help Ladies***Please***

  1. Arrow Need Help Ladies***Please***

    Currently im on a routine of M-W-F of HIIT weight training. On T-H-Sat. I do HIIT cardio. I try to get my wife in and do a routine similar and less weight. In for the reps and heart rate up. All she does is complain of i dont like free weights, i dont like this excercise. So i tell her to do something different. What excercises do you guys recommend? Something interesting and top the point. Her stats are 5ft 6 in tall 130#'s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im not being rude but im tired of hearing I DONT LIKE THIS.

  2. Not a womans perspective but I think the question is "why" doesn't she like them. I would talk at length with her about this. All in all man there is nothing you can do to 'force' her to like something. If you can get her to try them and see the amazing changes that may convince her to carry on. Straightforwardly she is here to do what she wants to do, not what you want her to do. Just love her for her and accept her.

    She may have different goals than you and isn't her health important rather than doing freeweights or what you want her too?

    Much Love,


  3. No matter what i love her. When she goes to the gym she asks for my advice. So i give it to her, then she looks so bored while she is working out. I let her do her own thing if she is not into it. Mostly the cardio. so if thats what she likes then im going to support her

  4. So let's find out 'why' she doesn't like 'x' and go from there?

  5. LOL. I have been trying bro.... I guess i will have to keep on training and see what she wants to do

  6. I'm imagining that its because it can be hard to do when you first start free weights, and for some intimidating. You feel weird lifting a small amount while the guys are throwing around so much weight.

    Give her time to get used to it. Or send her to the machines to build up a little bit.

  7. thank you CRADER. I am going to let her do her thing. Maybe set her up on some machines and see how it goes

  8. Quote Originally Posted by GymRat5972 View Post
    thank you CRADER. I am going to let her do her thing. Maybe set her up on some machines and see how it goes
    The more you work with her, and the better she gets at controling weights and balance the easier it will be. Have her do a split to start, half machines and half free weights.

    This should help with strength and balance.

  9. Be calm and understanding as 'they' never forget...oh my they never forget! And while we are on that note don't EVER forget an anniversary, birthday or Christmas type of even, if you do trade it in, you won't have enough time on this plane of existence to make up for it


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