Natural testosterone supps for women?

  1. Natural testosterone supps for women?

    My natural testosterone was very low, and I've brought it up to high-normal levels using compounded T cream. I am wondering if there are any natural supps for women to maintain this level without using cream for life? I assume most of the supplements for men wouldn't work because they operate on LH.


  2. RPM is a slight test booster that is safe for women to take, great pre-workout energy, no crash, thermogenic, everything you could want in a product.

  3. is it ok for a woman who is on birth control to take rpm?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Motox View Post
    is it ok for a woman who is on birth control to take rpm?
    which type is she using?

  5. Forgive a newbie, but what is RPM?



  6. Quote Originally Posted by wyst View Post
    Forgive a newbie, but what is RPM?



    Revolutions Per Minute.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Revolutions Per Minute.

    Ha Ha! that was good!

  8. RPM is safe for women on birth control. I'm using it right now and having great results. RPM is a supp. by Applied Nutriceuticals. It has thermogenic effects and does boost testosterone. It's used pre workout.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kkschaef View Post
    RPM is safe for women on birth control.
    Honestly this is not very good advice. I am not scolding anyone or discrediting anyone but unless you are a doctor it is hard to tell someone something like this without detailed studies or knowledge in the area.

    In fact naringin, a compound sometimes used to increase absorption, could definitely affect women on birth control by giving them a larger than normal plasma concentration of the drug in question, depending on brand (some contain extra compounds). Not saying there is a possibility of getting pregnant, but it is definitely a factor.

    Not only that but procyanidin dimers were shown in studies to reduce estrogen levels. Again I am not saying this will have anything to do with taking birth control in the doses that you would be taking, but it is definitely something to consider.

    Whatever you decide just be sure not to take the rpm near the time you take your birth control.

    EDIT: I am not trying to turn people away from a product, because I have heard great things about it I am merely here to inform.

  10. I opted to go with something else I just dont know enough about it, rpm is a great product but its not worth the risk to me


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