for my mom

  1. for my mom

    my mom doesnt go on this site, but i do. anyways she has had a disk fusion and her neck and back cause her problems quite often. she eats good, think she is on nutrisystem or something. and she works out whenever she can, with two young ones its hard. shes been asking me what supplements she should get? she does cardio maybe a few times a week, and some weights. anyone?

  2. What exactly are her goals?

  3. her goals are to basically feel better about herself. i think she looks fine, she wants to drop a few sizes. she has tried a few different fat loss supps but the only thing that worked was ephedra, i think exenadrine? something like that.

  4. I've had great results with Lipotrophin A.M. and Lipotrophin P.m. It's a great stack the a.m. is taken in the morning and afternoon. The p.m. is taken before bed. For fat burning throughout the night. The p.m. has no stimulants so you are able to sleep.

  5. would that be good for someone a little heavier? youre in great shape, so would it still be good for her?

  6. yes it will be good for her as well. there is a chart on the back as far as how much to take. Just have her start on the low side. But it does go by weight. She can gradually go up to her full dose and the pm has no stimulants and can be taken during the day as well.


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