Training Routines for Weight Loss??

  1. Training Routines for Weight Loss??

    I have some questions regarding setting up an effective workout routine for women looking to lose weight and tone up their bodies. My friend and his wife approached me about setting up an effective weight loss program for her so she can be ready for their beach vacation in May. I willingly accepted to help her out but I am completely ignorant when it comes to female fitness! I've been researching on a lot of different ideas and was looking to get some input from the true experts from my favorite board.

    I know that HIIT is considered to be the most effective fat burning method and I think she would benefit most from this. The thing is that she is the type that gets on the elliptical machine for half an hour and sees no results. I'd like to incorporate exercises that she is familiar with to make her open to a new program. Can HIIT be performed effectively on an elliptical?

    I've also know that weight training is crucial to toning and weight loss but I need to convince her of this as well. I think a circuit training routine would be easiest for her to be accustomed to but am not sure if this is the most effective method. Would you ladies suggest that an isolation routine or circuit training would be most effective for her goals?

    I'lla lso be working on a diet for her since this is absolutely crucial as well. However, I guess it would be fair to say that I am looking for a sample routine to base a program on for her. I am looking forward to and appreciate any and all input I can get from you ladies! Thanks in advance for your knowledge and help!


  2. Yes HIIT can be done on the elliptical or any other cardio machine.

    Posted this in another thread, hope it helps you out. Circuit training could be an option. Though I think to maximise the benefits of a weight training session (plus you are already going to get her on HIIT), it would be a good idea to incorporate some compound movements.


    Firstly I would get her to read this thread, which covers a lot of relevant issues:
    Fat Loss Basics

    I am a big fan of doing things slowly and taking baby steps. It is good to see that she has started going to the gym.

    Make sure she goes consistently. To start off with 3-4 times a week is plenty.

    As far as her workouts go. If she is a beginner to weight training, and especially if she is trying to lose fat, full body resistance training is the way to go, or otherwise, something like an Upper/Lower split, focus on compound movements.

    She must learn the correct technique and start off with relatively light weights and perfect the movements before continuing.

    For example. 3x a week. Alternate workouts A & B
    Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each.

    Squat (start with bodyweight if you want)
    DB incline bench press
    Rows (cable or barbell)
    Tricep pushdowns
    Lunges (walking or stationary, start with bodyweight)
    Abs exercise of choice

    Lat pulldown
    Stiff legged deadlift
    Db shoulder presses
    Barbell curls
    Standing Calf raises
    Pushups til fail

    As for cardio, are there any classes that she can go to? I love boxing, combat and spin classes, it makes time go by quickly, the music is loud and motivating, and there are people to talk to and keep you accountable (they notice if you don't show up).

    In terms of nutrition. Get her to write down what she eats over a couple of days.

    Focus her diet on good clean foods, and start cutting out unnecessary junk especially liquid calories and highly processed foods. Start drinking a good amount of water and green tea.

    Don't think too much of massive weight loss fast, or something that is too difficult because if it is complete torture she might give up too easily. Take smaller, manageable steps and she will be more likely to adhere.

  3. thanks a ton for the great response asianbabe! we're starting her out tomorrow morning...I'm interested to see how she deals with a little sweat. I'm also gonna try to get her to a spin class 2x/week. Your help is much appreciated.


  4. another option is adding in stadium stairs or outdoor crosstraining. Such as sprints or a bootcamp type of workout. These are brutal but very effective. I'm also a big fn of compund exercises. The most important as you know is diet. Tightening that up should do the trick. With all 3 elements into place (weight training, cardio, diet) you can't go wrong.

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