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  1. Fitness Apparel

    Ladies, I need help. I am just getting back into the gym rut but I have nothing to wear and I look like a dope in my sweat pants and loose fitting tank tops. I need to go shopping for some cute gym stuff, what basics should I look for?

  2. I know you're asking for some advice from the other women here, but finding proper gym apparel isn't a difficult task. I'd look into brands, such as Under Armour, Champion, Nike, Adidas, etc. I workout in some Champion apparel, but I would much prefer UA. I just need to save up some money is all because a lot of their clothing is rather pricey.

  3. Look for your basics a pair of yoga type pants black is always good. I also like the crop yoga pants. a good sports bra is a must. I prefer champion or Under Armor. Tank tops are great for workouts. I swear I have one in every color.

  4. Ya I think 1 pair of comfy and cute stretchy black pants and lots of dif colored tanks are a great idea, i don't have to go all out and buy tons of little outfits
  5. Best sports bra

    While, yeah you want to not look like a goober in sweats and tanks tops; i've never been too worried about what I wear over my underwear (you don't want to world to see your business). Champion and UnderArmour make great, well fitting gear - they also make OK sports bras for smaller chested women. But if you're like me, nothing will be just OK. I have three Enelle sports bras. They are incredible. you can get them at specialty stores and online. Just google it. Not cheap but well worth quality support that lets you get in your vigorous cardio and intense lifting.

  6. OK I dont belong here, and not sure why I was reading this thread (*OK I guess I as hoping for some ideas for my wife), but I DO LOVE my wife in her LULU Lemon stuff ;-)

    Of course I buy it all for her, a bit selfish but she likes them too ;-)

    Everything I read says women love them cause they make your backside look hot; I have to agree.

    OK sexest pig leaving the forum now ;-)

  7. ya word to all you good looking females training hard.
    Invest in Lulemon

  8. PLEASE, I BEG YOU LADIES, DO NOT WEAR SPANDEX UNLESS YOU'RE SPORTING 6-pack ABS! Bwwuuuahhhh hahahah. For real. It's like dudes wearing spandex and their junk pushing out (aka, "mooseknuckle") and it just looks so effing tacky!

    And if u say I can't be here, that's sexist! SO HA!

  9. Lululemon definitely! It's cute, feminine and definitely the most comfortable. it's form fitting but it won't make you look like your asking for it at the gym! The material is extremely soft and it keeps it shape unlike other brands that stretch out over time.

  10. Lululemon! The Luon fabric fits like a glove and doesn't budge with movement. Makes anybody look sexy. Pricey but worth it!

  11. I have lots of OTOMIX stuff I never wear...I wear what ever I can trash... dont care what I look like at 5 am I guess..
  12. BMCLouzee
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    Blah. I go to the gym to work on fitness, not to look cute. I go for large cotton shirts and jogging pants. I wear shorts on leg days to see the muscles. It doesn't matter what you wear because if your body looks good, you'll see it in whatever you wear.


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