Ever wondered what the most effective machines at the gym are?

This series is going to take a look at the best gym equipment for women’s workouts. Each post will center around one body part and look at which machines and equipment at the gym are the best ones to use.
Introduction to the best gym equipment for women’s workouts

Everyday I get tens of emails from women who want to know what they should be doing at the gym. They have many fitness goals including:

* weight loss
* body toning
* fitness and health
* gaining strength for sports
* etc

and they all are a little lost about what to do at the gym. While I am a big fan of using free weights and avoiding the machines there are some pieces of equipment that are worth using. And seeing as so many of our readers want to know what to do at the gym I thought I would take a look at the best gym equipment for women’s workout goals.

It seems women are more unsatisfied with their legs than any other bodypart. Hundreds of women come to Real Women’s Fitness everyday to find out how to tone and firm up their legs.

This post will look at the best gym equipment for working out your legs.

1. The Leg Press Machine
Of all the leg machines in the gym (and there are lots) the leg pres is the best one. It closely emulates the movement of the squat and as such provides a motion that works out all muscles in your lower body.

Another advantage that the leg press has is safety. Heavy squats have been known to cause back and knee problems but all of this can be avoided by sitting in the leg press instead. Furthermore, the safety clips ensure that you never drop the weight on yourself.

You can alter what part of your legs the leg press works by shifting the position of your feet. This means with one machine you can get a full leg workout. For example, by using a nice wide stance you can target your glutes and hamstrings and then by shifting to a narrow stance and just using your toes to push you can get an awesome calf workout.

For anyone who wants to work their legs without worrying about injury the leg press is the best way to go. Start off with a nice light weight and work your way up to something more intense.

More to come
In the next part in this series we will look at the best equipment at the gym for your abs.

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