Top 10 Leg Toning Tips

  1. Top 10 Leg Toning Tips

    Top 10 Leg Toning Tips - From RWF

    Women’s legs still seems to be the hot topic around the women’s fitness blogs so I thought I would write a list of the top 10 women’s legs toning tips.
    1 - Take it slow

    Getting the perfect set of toned legs takes time and hard work. Learn to relax your mind and keep your goals long term. If you take it slow the results will be lasting instead of fleeting and unstable. It will also seem like less work.

    Questions about leg toning? Ask us at our Women's Fitness Forum.
    2 - Mix it up

    Mix up your legs training so that your legs never get used to one type of exercise. If you spend a lot of time doing long distance cardio, change to some short high intensity workouts. This has worked wonders for me and my clients in the past.

    3 - Use heavy weights

    A lot of women are afraid of using heavier weights because they think they will get bulky or injured. Take your time, learn the techniques properly and start adding weight each session. You will see progress much faster.
    4 - Hill Sprints

    I love running hills! It is one of the hardest forms of exercise you can do. It works your whole lower body so well that sometimes I am fooled into thinking I don’t need to weight train! Use hill sprints on a regular basis and you will see amazing weight loss and leg toning results.
    5 - Learn to eat well

    Toning a muscle is more about diet than it is about working out. For a long time there was this theory that if you use high reps and low weight you will tone your muscles. This is crap. If you are fat you will not have any muscle tone. So, learn to eat well everyday - protein, fruit, vegetables, etc. If you want toned legs you have to lose the fat.
    6 - Drink water

    As always I have managed to fit in a tip relating to water. Water will help you lose weight, keep you full as well as making your muscles look full and tight. Drink water all throughout the day - everyday.
    7 - Slow reps

    When doing your squats, lunges and other leg exercises start slowing down your reps to at least five seconds. If you cannot do both motions that slow then at least perform the negative as slowly as you can. So, if you are doing a squat, make the squatting down part five seconds long. This will boost your progress very quickly.
    8 - Stretch

    Part of weight training is recovering and your muscles can recover faster if you keep them flexibile. Stretch before, during and after a legs workout so that they are ready for the next one. And never train when sore unless you need to do the cardio and aren’t worried about muscle gain.
    9 - Eat good protein

    Get lots of protein after your workout and all day from good quality sources like meat, fish, milk, eggs and whey protein. Muscles need protein to grow so if you want to tone your legs make sure you help them as much as possible by getting enough protein.
    10 - Keep them busy

    The best women’s legs in the world are on women who stay active and use them a lot. Do weight training, cardio, martial arts classes, tae bo… anything to keep moving! Your legs do a lot of work during the day so you really need to challenge them.

  2. Can we debunk the myth that machines are for girls?

    Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus and inventor of the first exercise machines, had originally designed them for the intent of use for rehabilitation therapy. I mean, unless the term "girl" has somehow acquired the connotation of person recovering from surgery or serious injury, there's really nothing "girly" about them. In fact, several instances have shown that using machines (which isolate the muscle) as opposed to freeweights enhances muscle size (bulk) more than freeweights, causing an abnormal/assymetrical physique.

    I am a firm believer than, unless your goal is to have abnormal looking legs, the pathway to success is through lunges, squats, and deadlifts (the magic 3 leg exercises). Aside from superior leg toning and development, these exercises not only burn way more calories to perform, but elevate EPOC and cause you to burn more fat while you're sitting at home watching TV after your workout (my personal favorite place to burn fat ).
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  3. well damn.. I have been using both. I have two leg days.. one is mainly compound exercises, the other isolations where I use some machines/cables.

    Btw I think my new favourite exercise has to be plie squats. They are sooooooooooooooooooooo good. I could rave forever about them, I'm sorry I didn't get into them sooner

  4. Im addicted to front bar squats to tone up quick

  5. My favorite are lunges. I mix it up with barbell lunges, walking lunges, lateral lunges and any other that comes to mind.



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