9 Ways To Squeeze Exercise Into Your Busy Work Day

Finding it hard to find time for exercise? Want to lose weight or get fit but are just too busy to start? Maybe these ideas will help.
9 Ways To Squeeze Exercise Into Your Busy Work Day

Next time you think you are too busy to workout try some of these ideas.

1. Forget formal sessions
If you are too busy to go to the gym today then forget about it! Donít stress over it. I know a lot of people who get so anxious when they canít get to the gym thinking that all their good work will be undone. It wonít. Instead of a formal gym session try to fit in smaller things during the day.

2. Get up early
Getting up early is one of the best ways to get the most out of life. All the fittest people in the world get up early and go for a workout. There is nothing more energising than and early morning jog through the streets - just you and the cool air.

People often think that they will be too tired if they get up early. Wrong. After a week or two you will have more energy than ever.

3. Take the stairs
The stairs at work are a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. This is especially true if you work in a skyscraper building. You donít have to take ALL the stairs. For some of you that would take the whole day. Simply get off the elevator a few storeys early and do some stairs. Easy.

4. Bike to work
Loyal reader Mazie sent us in an article about the benefits of biking to work. It is good for the environment, good for your waist-line, good for your heart and will save you a lot of money on petrol and car parking. Think about it.

5. Sit on a fitness ball instead of a chair
Chairs are so yesterday man! Sit on a fitness ball instead. It is better for your back and posture and it allows you to lean back and do a few crunches when the urge arises. I sit on a fitness ball and often surprise myself and how many crunches I will do in a day.

6. Keep a gripper at your desk
Little hand grippers are a great item to keep at your desk. You can squeeze them to relieve stress as well as to get a pretty full on forearm workout. These things are cheap and very good value.

7. Use your hour long lunch break
Most people will have an hour for lunch. But really, who needs that much time? Spend the first 30 minutes going for a run around the city or doing an abs workout in the conference room. Get back, 15 minutes to shower and get ready and then 15 minutes to eat your pre-packed lunch. Easy. You donít have to do it everyday. Once a week is better than none.

8. Park your car further away
If you park your car in the same parking lot everyday try parking a few blocks further away and walking to work. 10 minutes to work, 10 minutes back to the car - thatís 20 minutes of walking you wouldnít have otherwise done.

9. Take the long route to the coffee machine
Everytime you get up and go to the toilet or the coffee machine make sure you take the long route. You boss might not like this but as long as you are meeting the daily targets there really shouldnít be a problem. The more you walk around the better.

What other things do you do when you are too busy to workout?