Women: Dark Chocolate is Good for You!

  1. Women: Dark Chocolate is Good for You!

    A professor at Hull York Medical School, Steve Atkin, has discovered that dark chocolate may actually not be all that bad for you. While still high in fat and calories, a daily dark chocolate intake can help reduce the symptoms of fatigue. It does this by improving the serotonin levels in your brain, according to the study performed by Atkin.

    The study was created when one of Dr. Atkin’s patients told him that they felt better after substituting milk chocolate for dark chocolate that had a high percentage of cocoa. The study demonstrated that those who had dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate had fewer symptoms of fatigue. And, here’s the key point – after the study patients stopped eating chocolate, they had more symptoms of fatigue then those on chocolate.

    In addition to the study, the Professor noted that the effects of less fatigue may be due in part to the high levels of polyphenols that were in the dark chocolate. These are chemical substances that are found in plants with antioxidant properties. Polyphenols may reduce the risk of diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    With all this being said, dark chocolate still contains high fat and calories. As such, it shouldn’t be eaten in high doses if you strive to lose weight. Instead, try some other fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of phenols. This includes berries, tea, grapes, walnuts, and peanuts.

  2. Nice. I'd be interested in any research that mentioned specific cococa percentages. I have a "regular" hersheys bar and a "35% cocoa" hersheys. I guess the 35% one is the best I've got just now.

    Theyve both been sitting on my counter for over a month . Something must be working

  3. I don't know what percentages they used, but I like the 70% cocoa lindt chocolate bars. I only have 2 squares per day (20 g) when I buy them though. It's enough for me.

  4. this company sells organic chocolates, this particular one (the 74%) is superb. They go higher, all the way to 100%


  5. There are one or two things to note here.

    First, the distinction was between dark chocolate and white chocolate. This distinction is significant because dark chocolate is made from cocoa rich in unique polyphenols not found in white chocolate. These polyphenols deliver all the unique benefits of dark chocolate (enhancement of endothelial-wall integrity, modulation of platelet aggregation, improvement of insulin synthesis, lowering of blood pressure, increase in beneficial HDL levels, reduction of LDL levels, and so on).

    Second, studies demonstrating the unique benefits of dark chocolate from polyphenol-rich cocoa used standardized polyphenol products, not the usual off-the-shelf sugar-and-calorie-loaded chocolate products. This means it may not be easy to determine which percentage chocolate product (in terms of bitterness) that can replicate the study results, if at all. Furthermore the results did not seem to depend on how bitter the chocolate products were. Consequently, a desirable option may not be to look for dark chocolate products of different levels of bitterness, but to obtain a standardized cocoa polyphenol supplement devoid of sugar and excess fat. Optimal doses of these cocoa-standardized polyphenols would be in the range of 30mg to 120mg daily.
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