Metabolism Stokers for women?

  1. Metabolism Stokers for women?

    What are some good metabolism stokers for women? They can either be fem-specific or ones that work equally as effective as they do for the guys. I need some REAL help in this dept!

  2. Guys and girls really use the same kind of metabolism boosters. They generally fall into 2 categories - stim and non stim.
    A stim(stimulant) contains something like caffiene, ephedrine, or yohimbe.This includes supplements like Leviathan, RPM, x-force, stim-x, and dialene 4. Stim supplements increase your energy and alertness much like coffee but with other added benefits. Unfortunately, like coffee, stims can have side effects like jitters, anxiety, and high blood pressure in too high of dosages. This makes it important to find the dosage that works for YOU which may or may not be what is printed on the bottle. Supplement companies much of the time print the dosage used for the average person IE take 2 pills 2-3 times a day. As a woman, your bodyweight is much smaller than the average bodybuilding male. Because of this, you should start with a low dosage of any stim supplements and work you way up until you begin to feel results and keep it at that dose.

    Non stims include supplements like DCP, Drive, X-lean, Venom Lean Dreams, and venom special tactics. These non-stim supplements are great because they will not give you the jitters and are much less likely to give you side effects. Most of these work by assisting the body in converting fat to energy thereby allowing you to burn it off easier.

    Always remember though, supplements are just that.....supplements. they exist to supplement an already good diet and excercise program. If your diet and training are not in check then it is completely useless if not counterproductive to take supplements.

  3. haha.... I posted a reply to your question without looking at your other posts. This was a VERY basic response. I didnt realize you know as much as you do lol.... sorry

  4. Quote Originally Posted by brywal312 View Post
    haha.... I posted a reply to your question without looking at your other posts. This was a VERY basic response. I didnt realize you know as much as you do lol.... sorry
    No prob. That was great info. Especially since it says how to work with stuff I'm already taking, like ECA. You good

    I started out with 2x 25 mg of Stimerex per day and haven't noticed any "bad" side effects except unusual sweating at the gym. I can get a little over-energetic if I dont keep an eye on cafffeine but for me thats a small inconvenience. I dont have a problem witih "jitters", to me it says its working, as long as I dont look like I am gonna fall off a chair or something heh. No one can live perm. like that but if its something that helps me transition into being healthier, hey, then it is.

    That said, I am very inexperienced on what *I* actually need. I have no idea what kind of calorie intake i should be expecting, or what someone in my situation needs to do to improve body comp. aside from "resistance training".
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