Supplement Promotions for Women

  1. Supplement Promotions for Women

    With the boards permission, I'd like to start a topic that focuses on the representation of supplements for women. I get the feeling that some of the lab reps have new products for women but tend to focus on the men's ones since they dont know where to post about it.

    The idea of this thread is that it can be about samples or product recs, from fellow members or reps. I know I am pretty clueless about what is out there for us gals, especially for the new products. And even after I am in sync with things, I may want to change things, switch products or emphasize something new. I hope this can be a productive thread. Let's go!

  2. Napalm is a great idea for topical, spot-specific fat loss, especially since women have more alpha receptors than men (alpha receptors are prevalent in the ab/thigh region).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Yeah, I'm up for it

    Great Idea Bass Girl,

    Sheesh, I thought no one(woman) would be up for that. For years I have been looking for something like this. ALl the companies gear towards men/guys, etc.

    I have dabbles in things that were meant for men only. There had to or has to be things us woman can take, sheesh, look at the fitness/figure & body building woman, NOW dont tell me they dont use or supplement. I have, even though I dont compete, but wanted the upped edge, which in all did help.

    I will be sure to look out write ups on this area. YOU GO Guurrll!!!


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