How Much Money Is Weight Loss Costing You?

  1. How Much Money Is Weight Loss Costing You?

    How Much Money Is Weight Loss Costing YOU

    From: Realwomensfitness

    A few times a year I get a little bit worried about cash. Usually when a big unexpected bill comes or I realize it is a big birthday year for one of my relatives. And when this happens I start to look at my spending patterns and analyse how much is going on different areas of my life.

    And weight loss is a big one.

    In this post I want to look at the costs associated with weight loss and ask how much do YOU spend on weight loss?

    How much money is weight loss costing you?

    Okay so not everyone is going to spend the same amounts on weight loss. It can be, however, quite a significant expense in your life. Here are some areas you might find you spend a lot of money:
    1. Gym Memberships

    Now this is a hard one to put a price on because every gym is different. Some high class gyms with personal tvs and swimming pools and tennis courts will cost you up to $3000 while a more reasonable gym will be about $1000.
    2. Diets

    Again, this one is difficult to measure because they are all different prices. You might do a diet by yourself for free or you might pay $70 per week to be a member of Jenny Craig. That is $3640 per year. That is a lot of money.
    3. Equipment

    If you are anything like me you will spend a lot of money on equipment. I am forever buying new tennis rackets, soccer balls, fitness balls, books, boxing gloves, etc. I probably spend about $500-$1000 per year on fitness equipment.
    4. Fitness Apparel

    Again, fitness apparel can be another expensive category - especially for women. Now I am not saying that because women spend more money, I am saying it because it seems women’s products are more expensive. The better brand names charge a lot for something quite simple. Some things you might buy include:

    * t-shirts
    * shorts
    * pants
    * tights
    * hoodies (you know I love them)
    * shoes
    * socks
    * sweat bands
    * dance skirts
    * sporting uniforms

    You then also have to take into account dry-cleaning bills, etc. This can add up. Let’s say you buy one of each of the above items once in a year. That could add up to about $500 if you buy nice quality products.
    5. Food

    One thing you wouldn’t expect on this list is food. We tend to think that when we are trying to lose weight we are actually going to be eating less but this isn’t the case. I noticed that when I was on a weight loss stint I ate different types of food and these were usually more expensive. I would eat out at fancy health food stores for lunch three times a week and this was $20 each time. That’s $3120 per year JUST taking into account my fancy lunches.
    6. Personal trainers

    I have never had a personal trainer. I am usually the one doing the training. However, I know they can be quite expensive. Forget about those Hollywood personal trainers, a regular trainer will still cost you an arm and a leg. I am not going to even include a price on this one because it can be so outrageous. Not many people can afford them.

    HOW MUCH - Using these very basic and conservative estimates weight loss will cost you about $11,260 per year. That is a lot of money to spend on weight loss.

    However, we must acknolwedge that a lot of these funds go into keeping you well, healthy and happy. We enjoy working out and couldn’t image life without it.

    What I would like to know though is how much YOU spend on weight loss and are any of those funds wasted?

  2. weight loss

    "* t-shirts
    * shorts
    * pants
    * tights
    * hoodies (you know I love them)
    * shoes
    * socks
    * sweat bands
    * dance skirts
    * sporting uniforms"

    I have all the basics, but no skirts, hoodies, sweatbands, tights or uniforms. The basics get me in and out of the gym. Gym membership $20-40 a month depending on location.

    Although I did buy myself some wrist weights the other week, and plan to get myself some dumbbells.

    While I buy things like protein water and breakfast shakes, the biggest cost is in the supplements!! Ouch!! $50 used to get me 6-12 months supply of everything I needed. I wish!!

  3. I have a home gym setup - squat rack, incline bench, dumbbells, oly bar, oly db bars and plates. After a couple years of using the stuff it is cheaper than a gym membership. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but it's kept me lifting for 3 years now.

  4. Any money I spend on fitness I consider worthwhile

    But I also don't have a family to feed or a house to pay off, yet.

  5. I spend a lot more on supplements than I do on gym memberships. Everything from fish oil and green tea to multis and fiber tabs, it adds up!

  6. BMCLouzee
    BMCLouzee's Avatar

    Gym Membership:

    $10/month + tax and after a year is up another $35 for reinstatement and then the $10 a month


    I did my math and my current diet comes out to $45 in food a week. All protein because I'm doing a low carb, high protein diet. I spend some money on sugar-free, carb-free powder drink and that's it! I usually try and get my meat on sale, so I switch between beef, chicken, and pork.


    What I've had to buy
    Gloves: $20
    Notebook: $3
    Pen: Free
    Towel: Free
    Weight Belt: Christmas Gift
    Mp3 player and headphones: gift

    Fitness Apparel:

    I've been pretty fortunate. I was in a lot of clubs in high school so I have a collection of t-shirts that are perfect for the gym. Shorts and sock I use for home and gym. And I LOVE sneakers and have pairs from middle school, sad, but true!

    Personal Trainer:

    FREE! There's a bounty of info and inpiration online. Look for it and you'll find it. So personal trainer is optional in my case.

  7. What did weight gain cost you? There's a better question.
  8. BMCLouzee
    BMCLouzee's Avatar

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serious. Are you talking about what unhealthy weight gain has done to your body? or How much more money it takes to bulk?

    In any case, neither applies to me, but to answer the latter.

    With James it was Epi, PCT, Whey Protein, eggs, meat, pasta, milk, turkey, milk thistle, etc. I think half his paycheck went straight to his bulking.

  9. This article seems to deter people from losing weight because of the extra costs of it. I think the weight gain in the first place was the more expensive part. Yes bulking is expensive but also letting yourself go can be.
  10. BMCLouzee
    BMCLouzee's Avatar

    I don't much mind it. You're right though. To some people this will be an informative precaution, to others it's an automatic turn-off. I hope it isn't the latter because getting healthy doesn't mean investing in expensive exercise equipment, fancy clothes, and specialty health foods.

  11. I only spend around $50 a month for my gym membership, and that's it. I don't take supplements or buy too many clothes. Maybe if I get a bigger space, I'd buy myself gym equipment. It really is cheaper in the long run.

  12. Can't put a price on health!

  13. I have my own gym at home so i don't need to spent any money for gym. There is no cost required for doing gym for me. People spend great money on gym for fitness because fitness and health both are important.

  14. All the money you spent on good health now will cost a lot less than all the medication, doctor visits, surgeries, scooters and therapy you will need as you age with a body you were to cheap to take care of now. For some families with spotty health insurance, one major surgery could cause a bankruptcy!

  15. hmmmm, less food consumed = less money spent....
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  16. So funny b/c I was thinking the same thing as I'm reading the replies, and husband says exactly what I'm thinking!

    I work w/ a LOT of elderly people. I see many people in their 90-somethings doing much better physically & mentally than many 70 & 80 yr olds! It's b/c they stayed active. The sickly elderly people w/ heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. spend SO MUCH MONEY on their health care. Maybe some of it is subsidized by Medicare & private insurance, and one day...Obama Care. But how much valuable life have they lost living from doctor visit to doctor visit???

    My husband & I spend more on healthier foods than cheap food. Has anyone ever had a coupon for produce???? We don't buy much pasta, hamburger helper, frozen meals or fast food. I've never taken the time to add it up. What I do know is that it tastes better and I FEEL better.

    We have $20/mo. gym membership w/ a $60 annual fee which covers both of us. We also started collecting equipment & building a gym in our garage. Yes, equipment is expensive, but it's a one-time expense. And, now, we work out together at home. I can't really put a price on spending time with my husband - now AND when we're 70, 80, 90...

    Gym clothes can be expensive, but they also can be cheap. I refuse to pay more than $20 for a shirt or shorts. I splurged on a couple nice sports bras (I can't have my junk bouncing around too much!). Look for sales, use coupons and don't go crazy. These clothes get sweaty & dirty.

    I also can't put a price on how amazing it feels to know that I look good! How much do people pay for lipo-suction, plastic surgery, implants, etc. just to look good! If you can do it naturally & be healthy, you've just saved yourself thousands of dollars in surgery and no pain!

    Okay, I'll get off my soap box now.


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