Fitness -- For women by women! Finding a female fitness trainer

  1. Fitness -- For women by women! Finding a female fitness trainer

    Finding female trainers -- Fitness for and by women.

    So, you've been through the "drill sargeant" deal at the local fitness center. You've taken advice from the great looking young man at the club and you've even done the latest heavy weight workout as shown by the oiled up bodybuilder from the local gnc... and what is the point I'm getting at? Well, men just don't know what we go through!

    Often we receive requests for female fitness trainers to work with women. We offer exclusively private fitness training for women by women. Because we understand that women often share personal information with other woman we feel it is vital to have female trainers working with female clients. A male trainer may have the best intentions, education, and experience to offer a female client, however, sometimes the bond we women share is ultimately more comfortable and important to our clients. Therefore we are happy to offer services, consultation, and personal training for women by women.

    Working with a female trainer is more involved than most folks realize. Think about the time, confidence, and private information we women typically share with each other. Emotionally, we simply "connect" better than a male normally can. Would you feel comfortable sharing private details about your body, health, and fitness with a trainer of the opposite sex? Often sharing private details about our life can be intimidating. Sharing details with a good girlfriend or a female fitness trainer is second nature for most women. We girls have to stick together!

    Women trainers understand more than "that time of the month" we understand what it is like to feel a certain way in our favorite jeans -- we understand how we feel when our husbands don't look at us quite the way they used to, and we understand how important it is for us to feel good about the way we look even we are having a "fat jeans" day!

    Remember when you used to go out with the girls once a week? Don't you feel great after a nail appointment? And why? We need our girl time! Working with a female trainer can be just the "appointment" you've been missing. And yes we do have our "off" days, but, for the most part I couldn't imagine working with a male client. I love working with my women clients! As a mother working full-time I understand how crucial it is to demonstrate empathy with experience to the women with whom I work. I love to share tid-bits about our common experiences and it's great to be in a position to see my women go through many of the same obstacles and battles I've been through -- and come out on top!

    If you are convinced that better fitness will help you live a stronger, more enjoyable longer life with your husband (you can get him going later!), family and friends, please start exercising today! Remember, just a little exercise to get you going and planning long-term for a more rewarding lifestyle can help you to make the most important step towards better fitness you can make -- getting started.

    It is our mission to introduce healthier living through Client First Servicing; offering effective, safe, and simple solutions to your fitness and weight loss needs. Our Christian fitness company offers safe and responsible personal training. Our female personal trainers specialize in beginner's fitness, fitness training for women -- busy moms and executives, weight loss, injury prevention and customized meal planning programs to personal and corporate fitness clients. We offer personal fitness training in the Memphis area. We can train you in our facilities or in your home or office. We also offer special training for people over 50, senior citizens and people with special needs.

    By Derek Curtice
    Published: 4/9/2006

  2. To an extent, training with other females is cool. But I believe I get pushed harder by Men, especially lifting, cardio however, the girls rule that

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