Digestive aid for woman.

  1. Digestive aid for woman.

    Girls what are you using to avoid constipation and keep the bloat down besides probiotics? Surely there is some recipe of something that will keep things moving in the right direction.My wife is having digestive issues.Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. I use papaya enzymes and I take them with every meal and that seems to help a lot. I get mine for Amazon. 600 tablets for about $12. They are the chewable and you just take 2-3 tablets and chew them after you eat. Brand is American Health Multi-Enzyme Plus, Super Papaya. If she has constipation you can just use miralax twice a week or she should be consuming more fiber.

    Watch sugar alcohols as that can cause bloating. I also notice that when I chew gum I get bloated and gassy - so stay away from that. I have also used warm green tea to help calm the stomach.
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  3. So we think it stsrted from drinking her bullet proof coffee.The fats she thinks caused it.Its bad im giving her probiotics,colon cleansing,vinegar,etc.She now has cut out all dairy.

  4. Evomuse Gut Health Ultimate has been the best Probiotic I have ever used. 12 billion CFU per cap.
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