Bikini Competitor Hdrol Cycle

  1. Bikini Competitor Hdrol Cycle

    I was asked to make a cycle log from one of my other posts so ill repeat some of what i already posted

    I'm a Bikini Competitor and did a 8 week cycle of hdrol this January. I started at 10 mgs for the first week then 15mg the next continuing up by 5mg each week till I was up to 25 mg. It was cel stuff so it was 25 mg capsule, I would just open it up and kinda eyeball it which worked fine (it got much easier when i was at 25 mgs only had to take half morning half night lol). I went from 120 lbs to 130. I had some sensitivity down there but that wasn't bad and just made sex way more enjoyable during cycle. Everything went back to normal 2 weeks after cycle sensitivity wise.

    I started my second cycle last Wednesday. I figured last time I went in way to careful because i wanted to make sure i wasn't going to get sides and grow hair or my voice get all manly. Week one will be 15mgs going up by 5 mgs till i hit 25 mgs.

    My macros
    On days i workout P210 C 210 F 45
    Non workout days P210 C 170 F 45

    Training schedule is 5 days a week

    Mondays Leg day Strength low reps Abs
    Tuesdays Back Day
    Wednesday Legday Quad Dominant Hypertrophy, Abs
    Thursday Chest
    Saturday Leg day Posterior chain hypertophy, ABS
    Sunday Off

    I dont do cardio unless im 12 weeks out from a competition.

    I won my last AMMY competition but I want my Pro card and these girls have some real legs on them so im using this whole year to develop my legs and midsection. I will compete April 2017

    Current Cycle
    Start 5/25/2016
    One week in and I can say starting at 15 mgs is where its at for me I can already feel it starting to work, where as last cycle I didnt feel anything till end of week 2. Felt like i wasted my time had 0 gains.

    Im up from 130 lbs to 132 so far

  2. 2nd Week down and im up one more lb to 133lbs. Added a solid 10 lbs to my squat and dead-lifts so far. I should be feeling this stuff a bit more during this week hopefully.

    I decided last week to bump it to 20 mgs to tryen jump start the cycle i can tell it worked a bit. I may back it off to 15 mg and run that dosage for 2 weeks since this is a different product than my last cycle of hdrol. This stuff seems to be a bit stronger.

    Also im switching my wed and Thursday lifting so i can get a extra day apart from my leg strength day. Felt sluggish doing legs last week on Wed.

    So far feeling great mentally feeling super strong.

  3. Jump forward a bit ive gotten a bit buys lately and had forgotten to post. well im up over the last 2 weeks to 141 lbs. trying to hit 145 then i stop cause i know ill be losing 5 lbs of this. Once i hit 145 ill be trying to cut out as much fat from my frame as I can.

    Im up about 20 lbs on my squats and the same on my deadlifts.

    I backed it off to 15 mg for a week and back up to 20 mg a week the week after to give my body some more time to deal with the product.

  4. Would u b willing to post some progress pics girl?

  5. What support sups you taking?



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