Helpful and simple dieting advice for a begginer

  1. Hi I'd like some advice on dieting and training for a female. I'd want to loose weight around my thighs and waist line, I'd also like to tone up but not be bulging with muscle haha. I'm 20 years old, 5"5 and weight around 150 pounds. Iv been training since February, doing about 3 or 4 sessions a week mainly incorporating a simple circuit session and in the last few weeks Iv included 40 mins on the bike. Iv also been using myfitnesspal to keep track off my nutrition and it says I should be eating 1200 cals in order to loose weight based on the statistics on put in there. If there are any questions you'd like to ask to give me the best advice then feel free. Also keep the advice as simple as you can because like I say I'm a beginner but I'm willing to put the effort in. I'll also include a picture so you could help with my body fat percentage, and also maybe give you an idea on how I should train?

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    Thanks. Abi

  2. Stats and goals?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Product Rep - db77 @

  3. Quote Originally Posted by booneman77 View Post
    Stats and goals?
    The post has been updated

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    Stats and goals?
    Iv updated my post hopefully the information is useful

  5. Generally, getting in shape for most people means losing weight more than anything. It should, however, really mean losing weight and maintaining as much muscle as possible (or building more muscle). For a lot of women, they have it in their heads that if they lift weights they will suddenly become big and bulky and look manly. This just doesn't happen. Big and bulky is a function, to a large extent, of testosterone and most women don't have the genetics or the levels of testosterone to naturally become huge, especially without great effort. Even as a man with (presumably) normal testosterone levels I have to work incredibly hard to put on any muscle mass.

    Having said that, I would incorporate a simple weight lifting program 2-4 times per week with the goal of actually gaining some muscle mass. If you put on 5 pounds of actual muscle, you will be surprised at how this improves your tone and overall health, not to mention the mild increase in metabolism you will experience. I would keep your workouts intense and brief, but some one here may disagree with that. I think working hard is the key though, period. It isn't how long you work, it is how hard you work.

    Diet - here are some simple rules that I am stealing from Elliot Hulse and paraphrasing a little:

    1. Get quality protein - lean beef, lean chicken breast, eggs, fish, milk, non-fat greek yogurt, non-fat milk, non-fat cottage cheese are all good sources of protein. I would get somewhere between 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight - so about 150-225 grams of protein. By no means would I ever drop below 120 grams/day.

    2. Water - Drink 1.5 - 2 gallons/day. Stop drinking anything but water.

    3. Veggies - green veggies in particular. Eat all you can stuff in your face. Bags of broccoli, spinach, green beans, lettuce, etc. - these are low calorie foods with TONS of mass that will fill you up and give you many nutrients and you can eat to fill yourself up. Stay away from carrots, potatoes, etc. Stick with the veggies that have, say, 30-50 calories/cup or less.

    4. Walk - Elliot recommends just walking to lose weight, which is a good, low-intensity exercise that burns calories and won't burn a lot of muscle.

    Some things I would add to this, maybe 2-3 HIIT workouts/week would be beneficial. If you have to choose though, I'd go for the weights. HIIT can be completed in 20 minute sessions though, and be very effective.

    Fish can provide quality fats that your body needs and you should take in. If you don't eat fish, consider supplementing with an Omega-3 supplement. It may be the only supplement you should get at this point.

    Another good fat, in my opinion, is coconut oil. I cook all my eggs and chicken in coconut oil - but it has to be virgin coconut oil. This provides a type of fat that is beneficial, burns easily for quick energy, and may actually speed up fat loss. It may also be good for your brain. Don't go nuts with it, I can cook 3-4 days of chicken in 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. 1-2 tablespoons/day is acceptable.

    Those are the simple rules that I can think of. I hope it's not all too much. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor also and I am assuming you are otherwise healthy and this should not replace the advice of a doctor. I am just stating some of the methods I have used and do use that I feel are simple and effective.

  6. Wow thankyou that's a lot of information to digest and a lot to consider! I will have to try and figure out a bit of a diet plan and research some new workouts

  7. well first off,u shouldnt diet...diets dont work and u have 2 make a life style change and never starve urself or go below 1600 calories...just eat healthy!!!!!! and please never starve urself!
    u should never feel hungry and ignore when u are hungry! find foods that u enjoy eating that are healthy! dont eat foods u hate just cuz u think u "should" cuz its the "right" food to eat....then u will always be motivated to just be healthy...not diet!...and its ok to eat cakes and chips and other "junk" foods!!! just as long as u dont overindulge! its not like u will gain weight from 1 day of eating all bad or having a piece of cake! it doesnt work like that! enjoy your food and u can EAT WHAT U WANT!...i will give u a list of the basic foods and then healthy meals and snacks

    -whole grain/wheat breads/pasta/brown rice/oatmeal
    -low fat dairy(2% milk, yogurt, low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, low fat cheese)
    -lean protein/meats like chicken, turkey, egg whites)
    -nuts/seeds...peanut butter is VERY healthy if u eat 2 tablespoons and stay within that limit


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