Gal looking for a fat burner safe to use with depo provera

  1. Gal looking for a fat burner safe to use with depo provera

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a good fat burner to use that will NOT interact with the birth control injection depo provera? Looking to lean out through my mid section and thigh area in particular. Weight train at least four days a week..Any info is appreciated

  2. Here is an idea of my current training program, as well as a starting pic to give an idea of where I'm at in the core area....
    DB Split Snatch 3 x 3 @ 75%-12.5kg db (up from 10kg)

    Complex 1
    Split Squat 3 x 12 with a 15kg bar on my shoulders
    1 Arm DB Incline Press 2 x 12x10kg , 3rd set 12x12.5kg
    1 Arm DB Incline Chest Supported Row 3 x 12x10kg (up from 7.5kg)
    Camel 2 x 5 Per Set

    Complex 2 Contralateral DB RDL 2 x 12 using 7.5kg db

    Heavy Band Depressed Scap Pull Down 2 x 6
    Push Up 3x5 reps
    1 Arm DB Rear Delt Row 3 x 12.7.5kg

    Complex 3 Single Leg BB Hip Bridge 3 x 10x15kg
    Hip Rotations on Swiss Ball 2 x 6 Per Set
    Supine Psoas Hip Flexion 3 x 12
    Cable Anti-Rotations 3 x 8 x 2 sec-13.5kg

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  3. ECA stack

  4. The mid section will come off , with the right diet plan only... ECA stack will help

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