Maybe motivation?

  1. Maybe motivation?

    Hi I'm recently new on here as I stated in my last post I was looking for tips and nutrition advice to get my ass back into shape but I'm a guy who needs to see changes so I decided to make a iPhone app to track how I was going with losing/gaining weight For me it has helped me heaps I'm not plugging my app on here to waste your time I'm simply trying to help anyone if I can it seems to be motivating me so if you want to check it out here's the name of its in the apple App Store in the new category for health and fitness or you could just search for it cheers thanks for your support and let me know how I could improve it any ideas would be appreciated you can contact me through the app "WatchMySize"

  2. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  3. You should prob not post in the "female fitness" section, for starters! Hahaha....sorry man, had to say it!

  4. Haha that's cool I'm acctuley surprised that noone in any of the forums have replied out of all the people not 1 person has even given me any response oh well no harm in trying I suppose

  5. You need to be more specific of your goals and where are now.



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