Training frequency

  1. Training frequency

    Hey I was wondering if I could get some advice.. I have just changed my training program from a 6 day p/w body split to training 3 days per week doing rest pause training. What I have trouble grasping is only training 3 days per week. I'm trying to achieve lean gains, but I'm concerned being in the gym only 3 days per week will not keep me "in shape"or give me good gains. I realise diet is the foundation to all this and I will eat more on training days than non training days.. I also understand that my muscles need time to Recover from this style of training to grow. I was considering doing 2 20 min hiit sessions on off lifting days, but wonder if that will inhibit/prevent muscle gains? If anyone could share their thoughts about weather I'm on the right track with 3 day week training and if I should stay away from cardio if trying to achieve gains?

  2. Short cardio sessions will only aid you. It won't affect muscle gain unless you are doing Lon grueling cardio sessions and are not eating right

    Focus on diet and gains should come

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