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    Hi all
    Everyone girl want to get healthy body figure and my suggestion is that Rope jump is easiest way to get healthy body figure for all women's and they doing at home easily.

  2. Yes you are right to some extent. But is it possible for every girl to jump a rope? I mean how is it possible for heavy weight girl?

  3. For some, whether they are overweight or not, might find it difficult due to their lack of coordination to jump rope properly. They might double skip, land awkwardly, or simply fumble too many times. Sure, this is frustrating of course for beginners, but if it doesn't result in minor injuries of the feet, ankles, knees, productive do you really think it will be if it weren't consistently performed for longer than 30mins. Roughly....
    I mean, I might jump rope now and then between sets to keep my heart rate up, but who can seriously jump rope long enough to really use it as a substitute for steady cardio?
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    HIIT jump rope FTW

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