Strength Training before HIT

  1. Strength Training before HIT

    I have a friend that Iím training who weigh 163 with a LBM of 79lb and 83lb from fat , and I was wondering if it would be a good I ideal to start them on a strength training routine before doing any from for HIT training to help them burn the pounds from fat. (Basically get her in shape to get in shape). Or should I just go straight into the HIT training?

  2. strength and light cardio. 50% bf will fuk her up on hiit

  3. and that's was what I was thinking, I need to get her lbm up first

  4. Does she have some baseline level of fitness or is she sedentary? If sedentary then you need to develop a foundation of fitness before increasing intensity and demand. If she has been training, then you can slowly progress her into intervals. Intervals can be done on low impact equipment, such as the bike or rowing ergometer, until you have developed the muscular strength essential to stabilizing joints and ensuring good motor techniques during land based higher impact training.

  5. She is sedentary and thanks that really help



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