Just sayin' heyyy!

  1. Just sayin' heyyy!

    I'm Amanda. I've been hanging around here and there, but haven't said much. I've been lifting for 2 years, and just completed my first NPC physique competetion (which I did HORRIBLY) in.... But, I'm not giving up

    I'm sponsored by pitbull nutrition and supplements, and I love what they do for me.

    I'm here to help when I can, answer questions, and ask lots for myself!! soooo Hi everyone!

    you can see my profile at p i t b u l l n s . c o m look for "amanda" There's lots of pics and vids!! check em out!

  2. hello.....
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  3. Glad to see ya on here! Lets get that 205 bench video uo here

  4. Hey Amanda! Welcome!
    Journal - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/female-fitness/199622-here-we-go.html#post3349653

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