Female training/gains/mentality

  1. Female training/gains/mentality

    My beautiful girlfriend has, over the past month, put on 4.5 pounds of muscle and lost 2 pounds of fat, all while on a calorie deficit. I am doing my best to persuade her that this is a good thing, especially in such a short amount of time, but the only thing she is focusing on is that the number on the scale went the "wrong" direction. What do I do? She is not overweight by any means (according to the bodpod she is actually on the lower end of moderately lean) but is relatively new to lifting so there will undoubtedly be gains in muscle, regardless.

    The only thing I can think of is to reassure her that as the "noob gains" begin to subside and that fat continues to come off the scale will again move in the "right" direction.

  2. If she is looking to get "tone" like most girls are. Then adding muscle is very important. It will show of the curves much more then just losing fat and not gaining any muscle. Fuk the scale, it just messes with her head. Tell her to go by the mirror. If she is happy with the way she looks, then there is no reason to be judged by a scale.

  3. take weekly photos of her wearing the same outfit, so that she can visually see the changes, even if the scale is showing her a number that she doesn't want to see.

  4. Funny only guys have replied so far...
    As a female, it is very hard to get past the psychological block when it comes to that damn scale! lol...My advice...throw it out the window!!! It will cause more tears than needed! My last competition I weighed in at 112lbs, last time I was that tiny I wore a size 2-4...This time I was a 0-2 but I had more muscle and looked bigger and showed higher on the scale. My confidence came when i felt comfortable in the clothes I was in and ignored the scale. If she is a serial scale user, then there is an emotional breaking point that she has yet to reach. My tip for you is to take her out and buy her a nice new outfit or some panties from Victoria secret and let her see how slim and much sexier those few more pounds look and feel and no one would ever noticed because they are so distracted by how great her body looks. Sounds easy, but if this doens't work, then when someone finds the holy grail unlocking the trick to squasshing that emotional attachment to the number on the scale, they seriously need to staple it to the forehead of every female!lol

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