This isn't Fitness19!

  1. This isn't Fitness19!

    Hello Everyone!
    I am new to AM... I decided to join to gather information, seek advice, and track my progress! I have been working out since 2005. From 2003-2005 I gained 60 pounds. Going from 105-165.. not very healthy! I began to work out again when I realized my weight had become an issue. I had always been a 3 sport athlete and very physically fit until 2003.. I guess i just didnt realize how much that maintained my figure. I am not sure how I didnt realize anything until 60 pounds later, but i guess better late than never! I am currently 115 and have been in the range of 115-122 since 2010, 2006-2007 130-135, 2007-2009 125-130. I have lost wight in a healthy and consistent way but working out and changing my eating habits. Although I would not like to admit to it but my eating habits still need a drastic change. For the most part I eat a lot of carbs (which I have been improving) and I have a very large sweet tooth that often gets me in trouble! As far as working out goes I have mainly used hand weights and running to maintian since 2010! I have not belonged to a gym since I graduated college in 2010. Handweights and running after all these years is quite boring and I have reach a stopping point in my progress! I have now joined a new gym that is quite different!!! It is exciting and inspiring just like many of the forums I have read on here.

    My new gym has so many different ways to work out. For example: Today I pushed a 35 lb weight on some sled looking thing about 100 feet 10xs down a stretch of turf! ( I know there is a technical name for the work out but I havent learned it yet!) Last week i did my first actual deadlift... I have done the. with handweights in the past but not like i did last week! I was SHOCKED at the amount of weight I could actually do... 105 lbs! That is only 10 lbs less than my body weight! I knew that I was stronger than average for my size however I laughed as my guy friend was putting the weight on thinkign to myself "yea right, i am going to pull somthing trying this!" But I actually did it! Tomorrow I hope to see where i will start in bench/squat!

    So to wrap up this very long first post... I am excited to be on here, excited to see what my body can do, the progress I can make, and just happy to finally be taking the next step in my fitness!

  2. Welcome to the board, awesome to hear you are taking control of your life and staying healthy! Be careful with those deads, make sure you look up the proper form, if done incorrectly they could really mess you up, awesome core exercise though gotta love them!
    “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” -R.I.P Zyzz-

  3. Quote Originally Posted by masonmarin18 View Post
    Welcome to the board, awesome to hear you are taking control of your life and staying healthy! Be careful with those deads, make sure you look up the proper form, if done incorrectly they could really mess you up, awesome core exercise though gotta love them!

    Thanks!! I am sure that I am doing the proper form... The last thing I want is to get hurt and have to take time off

    Agreed.. amazing for the core!

  4. On Friday my workout started with squats! My thread is Titled "This isnt Fitness 19" for a few reasons.. Not sure if all of you know but Fitness19 is a gym, where I am from it is mostly seen as a gym for women who use ellipticals, a few machines, and some hand weights... not really a think outside of the box type of place, just a place to go through the motions! That phrase was said to me as I entered my new gym, IA for short!

    True to that phrase, my squats were not Fitness19 type squats on a smith machine! I began to walk over to the smith machine as I heard, "What are you doing?" I proudly replied, "I am doing squats!" Whithin seconds I was redirected to a squat rack and the words, "We don't do squats on that, we make fun of all who do!" So Friday I did my first Big Girl squats! Again, I was surprised with the amount of weight I could actually squat. I started with the bar just to get down my form, added 15 to each side, did 1 set of 3, the 2 sets of 4. I added more weight, doing 3 sets of 4 with 80 lbs. Finally, I reached my max when I put 25s on each side! I did 2 sets of 4 90 lbs each!!!! On the last set of 90lbs I didnt go down far enough so I ended up wasting energy and doing more!

    I had hoped to get a max bench that day however I was almost out of energy and made a rookie mistake smashing my hand in between a bench and a 25lb weight while un racking! So the rest of my workout was done practically without my left hand hand!

    I finished up with 5 sets of 5 box jumps at 20 inches, front bends (not sure the technical name) my feet/legs/knees are parallel to the ground knees resting on a half circle pad and I slowly move my body until it is parellel to the ground as well. It is much harder than it sounds! The first one i did I almost did a face plant! Luckily the people at the gym realze that and there is a stick if assistance is needed

    After doing squats I now realize why guys at the gym take so much rest time! I never understood why a person needed minutes in between each 1 squat they did, I GET IT NOW!

    There is almost everything needed for any type of workout at my new gym... So I am open for any suggestions or new workouts to try... I will give feedback as I try them!

    I have been doing cookie cutter workouts for the past 6 years and need new things to spice it up and keep it interesting!

  5. Hey and Welcome!

    Welcome to the world of lifting heavy weights. There are a few programs you can check out depending on what your goals are. I've done part of New Rules of Lifting 4 Women (NROL4W) and I am currently doing Strong Lifts 5x5, both are great in their own ways. I prefer 5x5 at this point.

    NROL4W you should be able to find at your local bookstore or on amazon.
    Strong Lifts - Strong Lifts 5x5

    Don't hesitate to ask questions, there are a lot of great people on this site that have a wealth of knowledge. And Good Luck!
    Journal -

  6. welcome and best wishes!


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