So just a little update on the cycle if anyone is interested: I listed the full cycle on another post- this is just quick info:

This is the end of the third week of a six week cycle of Epi by Chaparral labs. I am also taking DHEA.

Epi 20/20/30 DHEA 25/50/50
All vit., milk thistle, ECA's etc. are being taken as well. Clean diet, heavy weights, as well as Powerlifting, weekly cardio.

First two weeks are what everyone seems to report with Epi - A whole lot of nothing.. lol If I had not researched this, I would have thought it was not working. I saw slight changes and noticed muscle and some fat gains, which may be from eating so much more.

The third week I noticed the muscles starting to harden up. By the end of the third week there is a very noticeable muscle size difference as well as strength.

Sides: I am not liking the lethargy. I love going to the gym and I definitely notice this change with Epi.
Oily skin, but no break outs. I just clean and care for the skin more often = )
My appetite sucks. I am not hungry at all.. I eat to grow right now, not because I am ravenous..
Sex drive is way up = )
My scent is stronger. Not bad, just slightly more noticeable.
Back pumps

None of sides are bothering me enough to stop, as they are fairly slight.

The lethargy and back pumps are my least liked.. I purchased some Magnesium tablets 250mg, with 12mg vit E, B complex, and 80mg of C (.69 cents per plastic tube, the tablets dissolve in water) this seems to take care of the pumps and is very inexpensive!

Starting weight: 166 lbs
Weight today: 172 lbs

Bench start: 165
Bench yesterday: 176

I am looking forward to what the next 3 weeks will bring.

So far Epi is not a favorite, but it is producing results. If the lethargy was not there, and it was replaced with a bit more "workout aggression" I would consider it much higher on my list.

Hope this helps -