Planning Var/T3 Cycle

  1. Planning Var/T3 Cycle

    Hey girls, we've got T3 and I've been thinking of doing a carb cycle and running
    T3 along with var it for 6 weeks.

    I've read that T3 does not discern between muscle and fat tissue from which it causes energy to be expended; SO the question is anyone run it solo?

    I have a lot of var on hand, so wasn't sure if I should run 5mg and 12.5 mcg of T3; would that help me cut a bit up while retaininig muscle? Maybe even add a little bit to my frame? I've got a sweet high volume program I want to incorporate, specifying on hitting glutes/legs 5 times in 14-days. I'd like to thicken up the glutes and upper leg area.

    Don't flame about diet and sht, I know my diet, macros etc. I've been lifting pretty hard and solid for about 3.5 years now. Never touched a weight till about 30, but here are my current 5-rep PRs:

    Deadlift: 170 5x
    ATG barbell Squat: 165 5x
    Smith Military Press: 45 on each side so 90lbs total 5x
    Romanian: 150 5x
    Incline Bench (weak): 85 (total) 5x
    Walking Barbell Lunge: 135 10-steps total

    I'd love some solid input from WOMEN who have done these sort of cycles. I've read enough and know a few girls who have run var (but not T3) and they are perfectly fine (i.e. don't look or sound anywhere close like a man, and are hot as sht).

    All in moderation, right?

    My husband is a competitive bodybuilder, and I am not sure if ever want to go on stage, can't walk in heels (seriously!).

  2. Yikes, so NO ONE has any input on running T3 along with var?

  3. hey lady,

    im not sure about the T3 as I've never run it before but i have run a few var cycles and im running one right now and logging it if you are interested in following.

    im subbing anyway, hopefully someone will have some input and be of more help then me
    in Africa its cheaper to do a cycle than buy protein powder

  4. Don't have experience w/ var. Have tried T3 along w/ clen and it worked wonders, but I was pretty lean at the time and diet was on point. I want to say I eventually got a puffy look when I went off and have heard other women complain about that too. help

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