Intelligent Narcissism: An oxymoron?

  1. Intelligent Narcissism: An oxymoron?

    Okay, we've had "Ugly Betty," the TV series, and "Shallow Hal," the movie, all explaining to us typical guys that we're mere dupes to are own visual preferences. "Beauty is only skin deep," the old cliche is revived many times over.

    Yet on a more scholarly, and nerdy, level we have books by the likes of Christopher Lasch and his "The Minimal Self," an interesting follow up to "The Culture of Narcissism." Just think Madonna when she did her female version of Shallow Hal in the video where she sings, "I am a material girl," and celibrates her surface based intentions. By the late 70's, early 80's people not only lived on the material surface of things they shouted their enjoyment of being two or one dimensional skimmers of life.

    Now there is a book out called "The Bond," by a female guru, Lynne McTaggart that suggests strongly that this has all gone too far and pits everybody against everybody in a competetive, anxiety and fear driven world. Yet everything is connected to everything else and there is "the space inbetween," and that's what really counts. Individuality, capitalism, western civilization are all bundled together as what's wrong with our poor earth. Lynne is sort of a new category of guru, she's a female socialist/new age spiritualist. Although she's very vague often she seems to imply that all this shallowness started when Calvanist industrialists began the machine age. She would certainly have a field day on AM with a few of the throwback guys looking to put another notch in their caveman clubs. You know the ones that would have made Archie Bunker look smart.

    What I want to cover here is that I feel that a lot of this crap is one sided and misses the point that there is intelligent narcissism, and there is many forms of individualism that are quite sharp. Of course, energy connections are real too.

  2. This is not a very cogent rant.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by owlicks View Post
    This is not a very cogent rant.
    It's not a rant at all. It's a lead up to a story, and one woman's interesting life. I'm not against narcissism or shallow visual only views of life and women. It is what it is.

    It's just that some people feel that the real world, the world behind the physical and the visual, is actually energy, feelings and connections between beings. I know there's just no accounting for this, but there you are. There's a conflict of views here that may, just may be worth looking into, no feeling into, here and now.


    Decided to let this tread die a natural death. It has been my thoughts that people as in the movie "Shallow Hall" and the book by McTaggart, "The Bond," are in some ways correct, and in some other ways they are wrong, but they have also done a poor job of stating their case. Yet the empty, flatness of the current relationship dance is especially worth considering.

    And one more thing, I decided not to tell this ladies full story as I see it, because my personal interest in her has increased, and I don't want to say too much more except.... She projects a very sensual energy, that is lightly flirty, and RELAXED. She pulls this off extremely well. She looks good enough so that is not an impediment to her energies. A very relaxed female has a huge capacity for pleasure, as pleasure intensity can only be built on a relaxed foundation.

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